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SIA 2013: Day 1

SIA is no longer relevant. No one is writing orders, the new product has been on the Internet for weeks, and brands are still booking Redman to play their booths. However, it is still the industry social event of the season — a who’s who of pros, bros and people who were once highly influential, but now think Yobeat is cool. Despite our best efforts to just get everyone to fly to Vegas for the weekend, we’ve found ourselves in the Mile High City once again. The show is basically the same as last year but with more split boards. While we were tempted to use the same photos as last year, Jared shot some new ones, which you can click through above.

And since we know you all hate to read (but who wants to watch video of a trade show) here are some bullet points of what you missed on day 1.

-If you wonder why we’re so hyped on C3, it’s because they let us store our bags in their closet. Dinosaurs Will Die would probably do the same thing, but instead of a closet, they had a pile of jackets on the ground.

-Our “business” day started the at 686, where a new marketing regime shoved a beer in my hand at 10:30. I drank it out of a mitten.

-Stan is signed up for a tattoo at 11:30 tomorrow and is planning to get a banjo. Sorry that he opted against “shaun white’s face” or a penis, but we really we don’t think you guys took our suggestion game on Facebook very seriously.

-For some reason they let Dylan Trewin into the show.

-Salomon and Bonfire have a vintage camper in their booth, which is awesome, especially once Geiri from Nikita let me know there was beer in the fridge — that is if you call Coors Light beer. While we’re talking about silver bullet, I determined the reason it’s so popular in Colorado is in this damn dry air you really need to stay hydrated, and it’s basically water.

-Halldor Helgasson is not dead, he just has a black eye.

-No one else seems to be embracing my hashtag “#tradeshowhell” so get on that shit tomorrow, people.

-You can charge your cell phone at the Saga booth, as long as you haven’t upgraded to the 5. But we wouldn’t recommend leaving it there unattended…

-The new Adidas shit looks dope, but maybe that’s just the Heart Coffee they were brewing up talking.

-The promise of Salt n Pepa at the Burton booth was kind of a lie, as only Pepa was there. They do however have a split board that’s as fast and easy as the hookers outside the Rockmada where we’re staying, if you’re into that sort of thing.

-The Irish Snug has only gotten worse.

-Hondo is sad than neither I, nor Mary Walsh would box him, but the Eddie Wall vs Kyle Clancy fight should be one to watch. UPDATE: EDDIE WALL FTW!

You want sponsor news and stuff? GO READ IT ALL HERE.

Probably some other stuff happened, but I have free booze to consume tonight, so we’ll leave it at that. Stay tuned for the full report on Stan’s first SIA, Rumorator’s epic interview series and the world premiere of the Yomerica teaser in the coming days. Trust us, reading about SIA on the Internet is just like being there, except your feet aren’t sore and your lips aren’t chapped.

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Comments (23)

  1. Dylan Trewin is a little bitch
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  2. What the fuck…he cant get a tatt of something he probably already wanted!
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    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 15 Thumb down 0
  4. can’t wait to go full bozung.
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  5. #MaryWalsh4Prez
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  6. First 5 kids to text me gets a free pair of bindings. (206) 910-5227
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  7. Give me the Paxson Slash board now.
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  8. I think I still have a 686 jacket when it was called Jib 686.
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  9. terry kidwell = roob’s dad?
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  10. My lips are chapped as fuck.
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  11. cant i enjoy a little bit of 2013 before i start thinking about 2014
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  12. ha
    hahahahahahahahhaaa what a bunch of weirdos!
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  13. the addidas stuff looked like they took their track suits from 88′ and insulated them… i guess thats sick if youre looking for that run DMC look on the slopes.
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  14. Brook should fight Justin and Good Riddance needs to play shows again
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  15. DWD looks good
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  16. that blauvelt boot has the exact same styling that is on next years TM Twos with the geometric/triangle thing… the boot also looks like it doesn’t have a 1:1 last. Not feeling it. DWD is looking great again especially the kwon
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  17. Digging the new defenders of awesome. Buying one for sure

    Sambas look awesome too. Throws me to back in the day

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  18. I need a job
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  19. What hoodie is parson wearing?
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