The Tuesday Mini Movie

By • Feb 5th, 2013 • Category: Features, Videos

From Instagram it may have seemed like everyone was at SIA, but truth is, most people who snowboard were actually out there getting after it. And accordingly, it’s time for a mega video post to save some room on the Internet.

First up, head to Park City for a little Midwestern-style boarding by Justin Henigin, Mike Liddle and Ryan Lanham, but with fewer rope tows.

Just down the road in lovely Salt Lake City, Ugly Kidz Co found plenty of snow and plenty of spots.

At Marquette Mountain, things got a little weird. Or maybe that was just Adam Rottschafer

This next one is 11 minutes long, but is worth it thanks to “hard body boarding” from Adam Chuntz, Bruce Johnston, Eric Brown, Zach Stone, Cole Vibert, Brad Martin and Geoff Brown.

And nabbing the ender, it’s Connor Brown and his frontflipping prowess. Not bad for a filmer, eh?

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15 thoughts on “The Tuesday Mini Movie

  1. Shibby Shib

    It’s not even possible to count how many times Connor Brown touches his head during that run.

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