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Hump Day Goes Green with Tyler Lynch


Tyler Lynch is a crucial member of one of snowboarding’s favorite crews: the Gremlinz. Thrashing both a skateboard and a snowboard, Tyler has been dropping hammers for a couple years. Traveling cross-country in a bus with 12 of his friends, I caught up with Tyler on the phone to ask him a couple questions about life, Sababa land, and new business ventures.

Where are you from and when did you start boarding?

I’m from Rutland Vermont and I started snowboarding when I was 8 at Pico, right next to Killington.

Is that when you started chilling with the Gremlinz?

I was probably in the 6th grade. There was my brother, Zack, and Nico. We started the whole Green Bandit thing and then it became Green Bandit productions once we got a camera and started filming shit.

Do the Gremlinz follow a democratic process?

Definitely. It’s really the only way it works with us. Pretty much just going with the flow and doing what makes everybody happy. That’s why the bus has been so great, because when you are filming with a bunch of different cars it’s hard to keep everybody together. When everyone is on the bus it’s awesome because you’ve just got everybody and you can decide right then and there.

Can you tell me about GBP snowboards?

This year was the first year of it, so it really just got started. The idea came about last Christmas and Dylan figured he could talk to Smokin’ J. He was down so it happened really quick. Now we have three more graphics coming and we are trying to get them ready to go for next year.

I suspect Tyler rolled into this shoot straight from the beach.

Do you design all the graphics?

Ya, I’ve done all the graphics so far. The first run I just wanted a Gremlinz specific graphic, but I’ve gotten new ideas from my brother and Nico and Miggs, who all have their own graphics coming.  So they gave me ideas for what they wanted and I just painted them.

When did painting become a part of your life?

It’s pretty much always been around. My sister has always been drawing and painting and I had a really good art teacher in high school.  He got me really into it, been doing it ever since.

What inspires your work?

I love to paint earthy shit. Outdoor tree fort, Sababa land type-shit, and try and get the idea through to everyone through my paintings. I also love to draw monkeys and Gremlinz. Characters are just fun.

Surprisingly, I can’t spot anything profane in the photo.

What is Sababa land?

The idea of Sababa Land came after I saw this documentary called Garbage Warrior where this architect builds houses that are fully sustainable. Once I saw that, I figured we all needed to do that because paying rent and bills has been the hardest thing for all of us. The only way to keep us all together is to find a place that we can all live for free and always come back to. Basically we are looking to build a sustainable zone in Tahoe with a bunch of skate ramps and all kinds of fun stuff. We’re just trying keep everybody together for free and continue forward with the green movement and get out of this whole trap.

Have you started building?

So far it’s just the idea, but we’ve been getting everybody on board and we are going to start looking for land in the spring. As of right now I’m just trying to get some money saved up and get the company going so that if we ever make a profit off it we can start looking at land.

What’s good with the Gremlinz bus?

It’s heading back west, we are down in Mass right now at Butternut but we’ve been in Vermont for a couple weeks and next we are heading to Denver, which is our first stop. After that we are just going to see what happens and follow the snow. There are about 12 of us on it so it should be a good mission.

Windows painted so the cops can’t see in.

You guys converted it to a veggie bus, correct?

Ya, Max Weinburger did it. We heard about his gas conversion on his truck so we talked to him about the idea of getting a bus and he was down to do it. We wanted to be able to drive across the country for free, cus we had been planning a big trip back east to premiere the movie. It all happened real quick, and everybody pitched in and so far it’s been great. We are stocking up on veggie tonight.

Who painted it?

James Haunt from JSLV helped out, Ben Huntington did most of it and a couple of his friends. I did the front and back with some help. Basically a collab all over the bus but the JSLV guys hooked it up.

I can only imagine what conservative families think when they see this thing in the rearview mirror.

Do you work with JSLV a lot?

I just started getting involved with them this year but Lucas has been tight with those guys forever, so they kind of just pulled me in and so far it’s been great. We’ve got plans to do stuff for the next couple years and they are just down to back the whole crew, which is probably one of the biggest things. We’ve always been looking for that.

Do you think people don’t take the Gremlinz seriously?

Ya, I mean there are a lot of people in the pack, and then the videos we make, I think people just make judgments about the music that we put it to or something, or look at it whatever way they do but we’re just tryna let people know about our crew really. We’ve stuck together forever and hopefully people can just get past their problems with it or whatever.

Are you guys filming another movie this year?

Yup. We are doing a tour video so all the footage from this bus trip is going to be turned into a video. Not to sure on the name yet, maybe just “Bussit.”

Throwback Wednesday: Tyler’s first trip to Windells Concrete Jungle. photo: Darcy Bacha

You kill it on a skateboard. Is skating more fun than snowboarding?

More fun? Ya. Definitely. I mean we do a lot more snowboard stuff, but I love to skate. It’s way more fun and it just feels…quicker.

Sponsors and Shout outs?

Miggs, my family, Home pop and Heidi, JSLV, thirty-two, Electric, Darkside snowboard shop, Flux bindings.

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  2. Tyler Lynch is hands down one of the best snowboarders on this planet. He is also one of the nicest. The entire GBP crew are good people and if you want to come online and talk shit like some fuck do so, they will not be fased. That bus changed my life, i was welcomed on and treated like I knew these cats fo my entire life. Amazing people, good homies, and for those hatin go enjoy being a dick since you cant be kind.

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  3. laughing at anyone talking reckless. gremlinz are killing it. sababa

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  4. that fat dude looks like a gremlin

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  5. soooo…. where the hell can i buy a gbp board at do i have to travle to get it i neeeeeed one

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