Rob Kingwill and his Benz-o

By • Feb 13th, 2013 • Category: News

Thanks go out to Upstate Mike for finding this gem, promoting the incredible AWD capabilities of the Mercedes Benz C350. At first we we’re kinda psyched. Kinger’s a good dude and it’s neat that he’s still getting paid to snowboard. However, upon more examination, we realized one major flaw. You live in Jackson Hole, why the fuck are you wakeboarding around on a flat road in tire tracks? So weird.

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8 thoughts on “Rob Kingwill and his Benz-o

  1. snowdread

    he snowboards almost everyday of the year. im pretty sure taking a day off to get towed around for money is worth it

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  2. upstatemike.

    Coupes are incredibly practical snowboarding cars. i love putting my board in the backseat and ruining my supple german leather. Especially in a girly c-class.

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