The People’s Court: Will Mayo vs Paul Gilbert

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Ignore the URL and image above. We had some technical difficulties this week and one kid from Okemo got matched up against 6 kids from Waterville. It just didn’t seem fair. So instead, we have a guest People’s Court, paired up by the Catfish himself. Remember, someone is gonna get actually sponsored by Arnette from this shit, so choose wisely.

Will Mayo


Paul Gilbert

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of each weekly battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear and be in contention for the year-end battle with a grand prize of a one-year Arnette sponsorship. To submit your edit, email the link to

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65 thoughts on “The People’s Court: Will Mayo vs Paul Gilbert

  1. Christian

    Sounds like Cock Suck Master needs a new hobby besides stocking kids He’s secrecty in love with. Take the dick outta your mouth, I can’t understand you.

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  2. pirate

    I love Dwd, but i don’t agree with a pretty tall rider who rides a 147 Brat, wich is pretty much a female board.

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  3. Staples

    You all sound like a bunch of 16 year old girls, whats with all the stupid hate talking, is this a popularity contest or is it to see who is the better snowboarder and had the better edit? Oh thats right, its about the snowboarding and mayo’s edit is better, jeezus.

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  4. Cole st martin

    @christian your so clever I’d love to lick status snowboards ex team manager will mayos left butt cheek I idolize him IM IN LOVE

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  5. just tired of late presses man

    hey Orton and Gilbert, I know both of you are good dudes but when you tap on a press you’ve failed the trick so cut that clip or do it again. still killing it for sure but come on..

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  6. jeenyus

    What the hell is going on in here? haha! This is mayhem. Gotta love Yobeat and all the beat-off kids always hatin’ on pretty much everything. haha!

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