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Dear Miranda Writes, From A Fellow Snowboard Rapper

Dear Miranda,

As a member of the unofficial snowboard rap network, I just wanted to welcome you to the community and give you a couple pointers. I think your first attempt at snowboard rapping was a good effort, but we can’t all make a master piece such as the shadow fit binding rap our first try. Don’t worry, you will get there one day. If you want to take a stab at remixing the track together, I am totally down. If not, here are a few pointers from myself, snowboarding’s third favorite white rapper.

Tip #1 Try and use the actual Busta Rhymes, not his stunt double for the intro skit, it would add to your credibility. At least make the guy pretend he is Busta.

Tip #2 The Curb Your Enthusiasm song one minute into the video kind of threw me off.

Tip #3 The coolest scene in your video is at 3:02 and it is a skier balancing on his poles. If you are making a snowboard-themed song, the coolest shot should probably not be a skier.

Tip #4 All the people filming themselves with GoPros? Those are great. More of those. Definitely.

Tip #5 You must delicately balance talking about how awesome you are while still talking about snowboarding in a way that lets us know you really board. Take this girl for example:

“On my board, it’s my passion I want winter all the time
So I can bust my steazy moves cruise it ain’t no crime
I fly down the hill like a jet plane fighter,
I smoke a joint in the trees, got my windproof lighter
I’m high as hell, mobbin down that hill. ”

Until Next Time Miranda!


ps. Call me.

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Comments (55)

  1. dope track…didnt see anyone smoking anything in the video..refreshing change for once my kids will be able to listen to and watch..and repeat lyrics…they loved it and are boarders too… already bought the itunes download keep it up Miss Writes…word of advice after reading all of the negative and disrespectful comments as a father keep inspiring our youth please…we need more young ladies like you

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  2. another sign the mayan apocalypse needs to be be re-calculated.

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  3. who said Juicy J was the best thing thats happend to snowboarding?

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  4. shes def dope as an MC I found her link performing here this is guy from channel live hakin green who did madizm w KRS on stage with her

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  5. you idiots.. im subscribed to her youtube channel not only is she great but she just uploaded a video of her boarding.. she obviously isnt a bad rider at all you should do more research

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