Thursdays at the Office: Yobeat Sells Out

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Plain and simple. We had to make ends meet so we sold Yobeat to Freeskier Magazine. Justin copes with the news.

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19 thoughts on “Thursdays at the Office: Yobeat Sells Out

  1. chandler

    I’m disappointed you guys weren’t embracing the skiing clothing style. tall teez and skinny jeans biiitch.

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  2. Dex Rutecki

    Mostly skiers on here anyway these days, and that new pocket tee is ski-rific like Jiberish!

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  3. dear leader

    Hey Freeskier, I’ll give you $20 and a bunch of used condoms if you give me yobeat.

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  4. jokes

    ha! no one who is good at snowboarding hates skiing? you my friend just proved how bad you suck at snowboarding or quite possibly skiing

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  5. Jib Wood

    hope storm mountain doesn’t turn you in to a shit pile, like they did a certain snowboard magazine.

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