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By • Apr 6th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Just Teasers, Latest, Videos

From the cities to the suburbs, making the best of the strange and unexpected winter we faced. Traveling all over Ontario, into Quebec, and even down to the USA, this is a taste of what has been going on this season.

Featuring: Mark Goodall, Chris Fellner, Gordon Birnie, Mike Chmil, Jesse Hambly, Mason Hambly, Luke Hambly, Danny Glibota, and many more friends!

Supported by: Sanction, Capita, Union, Stinky, Yobeat

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17 thoughts on “Anecdote Teaser

  1. Whodat

    Super stoked to see Mark Goodall part.
    And stoked stinky is getting the name out there

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  2. john grover

    The snowboarding was really good though you guys. I’d like to see you make a lo fi film. I bet you would use a wavves song for it because you all are soooo stupid.

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  3. fucking haters

    looks sick stoked to see the ontario spots in this one… good work jigs

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  4. Onatriosucks

    . Buncha rich private school kids get their parents to lend them the car to hit rails. Goodcall.

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  5. Franky

    DRED ANDERSON…….. HE IS THE EAST CANADA JED WITH DREDLOCKS. (and more worse snowboardings)

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