People’s Court: The Champions Battle

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Every week we pick two videos to battle it out in the name of Internet glory. It’s a win-win. You guys get something to talk shit about, and each week the winner gets a pair of Arnette goggles for their efforts. But this week, the stakes have been raised. We present to you the 1st annual People’s Court Champions Battle, the winner of which will score a sponsorship from Arnette. This means exclusive “team only” products like next year’s goggles and sunglasses, softgoods, stickers, and other VIP swag, for at least a year (and hey, if they don’t blow it, maybe someday they’ll work their way up to the team and be the next Devun Walsh, Ethan Deiss, or other snowboard celebrity.) The contenders below have been hand picked out of past People’s Court winners by Yobeat and are all worthy of such an honor, but only one can win it. So vote wisely, because YOU could be making someone’s dreams of snowboard super stardom come true.

Blake Axelson

Markus Haka

Greg Obermiessner

Dylan Hallowell

Luke Zajac

Mandatory Disclaimer: Arnette Sponsorship is for the 2013/14 season, product flow only. No purchase necessary. Internet voting is fun.

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