Best Summer Ever 3: Portland via Windells

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Truth is, not much has happened yet snowboard-wise this summer. But luckily, the Mt. Hood summer experience offers way more than just snowboarding. In fact, just down the road lies some of the best skateparks in the world. In this episode of Best Summer Ever, we spend a little time on the glacier at Windells before heading down the hill to check out some Portland ‘crete. Parks include Brooklyn, Gabriel, Burnside and Tigard. Also featuring special guest star Bobby Meeks.

Video by Hunter Gulan

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15 thoughts on “Best Summer Ever 3: Portland via Windells

  1. Whoaa

    Whoaa this edit was like so deep, it’s like wow there’s really something special whoaa so unique and like life changing. Wow Portland is like so deep and whoaaa skating like wow.

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  2. Def Paul

    The real GERM says don’t go to burnside unless you have beer for bagwell to steal

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  3. Hubert Cumberdale

    I am glad to say that I live in the close proximity of this mountain and town year around. Portland is the bees knees

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  4. LOVER

    Easy edit cuz you all live in Portland… Lazy snowboarders…

    That guy is still a suit for NIKE, Inc. – just sooo much cooler…

    you guys looove portland. boners for portland. 8=D Portland.

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  5. @ LOVER

    child, did you never see Bobby nosepress that Jiffy Lube sign? dude might be a suit now, but he’s a snowboarder first.

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