The 3rd Annual Videograss Portland Premiere

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In what has become an annual tradition, the heads headed down from Hood on July 24th to herald in the fact it’s time to start thinking about snowboarding again. I’m talking about the premiere of Videograss’s the Last Ones in Portland. Yes you read that right, it is still July and premiere season is underway! Now the date may have been a bit rushed to time things with the VG session at High Cascade so that all the riders, videographers and other important types who don’t necessarily call the Northwest home would be around. It’s better that way, obviously, because otherwise it would be like if Justin Beiber skipped the world premiere of Never Say Never or something. Just not cool, man.

The Hollywood theater was packed (maybe even beyond capacity) when the video finally got rolling around 10. Justin Meyer warned it wasn’t finished — the intro and credits were indeed missing — but the rest of the video seemed pretty damn done to me. Now, spoiler alert, if you don’t want to know anything about this movie in order to not ruin the anticipation of finding out for yourself, stop reading. Just scroll down where there are lots of pictures.

Now that no one is paying attention, here’s what you need to know. The Last Ones is good. You’ll wanna buy it, and not just because it’s one of the few videos left to buy on DVD that’s made by a snowboard video company and not a mega-corp. There’s quite literally something for everyone, from Joe Sexton’s impressive balance, to Bradshaw’s twitchy style and celebrity cameos — Yes, Lucas Magoon rides his snowboard in this movie. And that’s just in the first two parts. Nick Dirks is still one of the most entertaining personalities in snowboarding, and Bryan Fox still thinks kids care about him riding pillows and stuff. The Midwest kids, Danimals and Jonas Michelot come through for the hip hop fans with an Andre Nickatina and Mac Dre fueled part, before Zak Marben brings back the rock and roll and hits just about everything. Layne Treeter, Alex Stathis and Keegan Vailika share a part, as do Darrell Mathes, Jordan Mendenall and Danny Larsen. Oh, and Jake OE is giving Dirks a run for his money in the goofball department.

Hitting rails with walls in the way of the landings is hot this year, and I was somewhat relieved to see that the flip in flip out shit on rails found no place in this flick. If you’re into gimmicks though, Scott Stevens certainly delivered in that department. It’s hard to be mad, because it just looks like he’s having so much fun. “I’m trying to go back to normal snowboarding,” he explained, “but I figured for this movie I should just stick to what I’m good at.” Of course the most suspense is to find out who got ender, and rather than tell you, I’ll let you do the math and figure that one out yourself. Hint: Minnesota is stoked.

Well, that’s just about enough of that. Here’s some more pictures.


You see those chicks in the background? They’re totally only coming to see Justin Bennee.


Hondo kept getting in the way of my photos. And those old people probably think this scene is pretty absurd.


Nick Dirks may have put together a damn entertaining part, but he still doesn’t have any money. :(


Ben Lynch and his friend helped prove my theory that all white people look alike.


Don’t let that stoic look fool you, Uncle Russ is just as excited for the movie as Cam Pierce.


I instructed Jagger Bailey to look like he was having “the best time ever.” Young JOC just kinda got in the photo.


You probably saw this photo on Instagram (10 times.) Just in case you missed it though, look at all those sponsors!


Hopefully you’re distracted enough by the star power in this photo to ignore the fact that Spencer Schubert is covered in stickers that are not all his sponsors.


The movie hasn’t actually started at this point, but once it did, Chas and Cato made those exact faces the whole time.


You couldn’t look in any direction without a snowboard celebrity sighting. Brandon Cocard and Sean Tedore were sitting right next to me!


I think this means we’ve made it? Although, what would these kids have done if we didn’t show up? They would probably feel pretty silly with that stuff written on their chests for the rest of the night.


Scotty Stevens, Sean Tedore and Johnny O’Connor approved this movie.


I know I wasn’t gonna spoil who had ender, so let’s just say it was one of these guys, and not Austin Leonard or Riley Erickson.


Why drink beer, when boxed wine is so cheap and delicious? Cole St Martin and Mike Rav know this.


It’s at this point everyone was trying to find the afterparty. We assume Blum is contacting his people, and Bode kinda looks like he wants to go home. The party actually split with some people going to a classic Portland hipster bar Sweet Hereafter and others off to meet the Gremlinz at Casa Diablo. They’d been there since 3. Obviously.

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21 thoughts on “The 3rd Annual Videograss Portland Premiere

  1. T-Diggy

    That’s Zac Marben and someone else, not Ben Lynch. Ben Lynch would be getting weird in the woods, instead of being in a big city at a theatre.

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  2. jeffy

    damnit! i was hoping riley would have had ender! filmers can snowboard too.

    1817 FOR FUCKING LIFE!!!

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  3. Read more snowboard magazines

    Defintely not Ben Lynch and “the other guy” is Zac Marben. Bush League.

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  4. Bravo!

    The Ben Lynch thing was obviously a joke. Hence the “all white people look alike”. I’m pretty sure they know that’s Zac Marben as well. C’mon guys it’s Yobeat, you can’t take everything literally.

    Scott Stevens part was insane! I probably said “Whatthafuck!” 100 times during those couple of minutes. So entertaining!

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