Rome SDS Presents: Local Gnar Videos and Official Brackets

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The 7th annual edition of Local Gnar is officially underway! We’ll be dropping a new video every few days and all you have to do is sit back and watch. That’s right, no online popularity contests or Facebook spam. The brackets above will be completed by a panel of celebrity judges including Bjorn Lienes, Laurent Nicolas-Paquin, Raul Pinto, Oliver Dixon and Theo Muse. You’ll be able to watch the latest video here or on the main page of the site, so keep checking back and see who beat you out for the finals, and most importantly, who will win $1000, two Rome set ups and the keys to the Rome van.

Finalist #1. Dave Schmidt

Finalist #2. Matej Nedorolik


Finalist #3. Scott Smith

Finalist #4: Buck 90

WINNER: Buck 90

Finalist #5: Danny Leblanc

Finalist #6: Bridge House

WINNER: Danny Leblanc

Finalist #5: Fairgrounds Swingers Club

Finalist # 6: Names are Names

WINNER:Fairgounds Swingers Club

Round 2

Dave Schmidt vs Buck 90

Winner: Buck 90

Danny Leblanc vs Fairgrounds Swingers

Winner: Fairgrounds Swingers

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31 thoughts on “Rome SDS Presents: Local Gnar Videos and Official Brackets

  1. IC-hooligan

    Their were plenty of heavy tricks in this edit, but i wasn’t feeling it at all. The whole point of snowboarding is to go out and have a good time with your friends, and i didn’t get that vibe at all. This video was well shot, and well edited, but i feel that they missed the whole point of this contest. If you win or you lose, it doesn’t matter one bit. Go out and have fun

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  2. upstatemike.

    are they from colorado? you can always tell a colorado edit by the slightly off music selection…

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  3. upstatemike.

    PS….thank fucking you for not making this another godamn online voting contest! maybe cool shit will actually win and not the crew with the kookiest fans.

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  4. Anon-mouse

    sik dope vid agggh makez me wunna go down da hill so fast and spinny spin like deez guys.

    I didn’t know Siskel and Ebert up there had such a keen eye on editing. I am assuming with such advanced knowledge of filming you would be able to pick out redundancy, something this edit joyfully lacks, and one Matej’s video pours (respectfully). Should be an easy win for Dave this round.

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  5. @Roger

    pretty funny how dave showed pat pretty much 75% off all the spots on his real snow edit.

    before you hate , knowledge is key.

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  6. @@Roger

    Why would you go back to a spot everyone has seen and film it the same way as someone else and do less heavy tricks? That shit dont make no sense!

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  7. Number 23

    How come there are only 4 real crews. The rest are just like solo parts with some friends added in!

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  8. Danimal

    props to all the crews in this contest! there was was some quality editing and so many bangers! we are stoked to be a part of this smorgisborg of awesomeness!

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  9. Darren

    What’s with all these videos being like pro rider DVD edits? Seeing swing booms and the like, last year this comp had people with gopros riding around having fun filming each other. This is too much about production, getting the shot right and not enough about having fun with mates and just riding.

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  10. @Darren

    If snowboarding wasnt fun why the fuck would these guys film all winter and drop infinite amounts of $$$ and time into it its not like any of these guys get paid or will. Grow up pal snowboarding is fun regardless of whether u put 20 shots of smiles gay hugs or bails lined with an upbeat homoerotic song.

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  11. Swingers

    All the edits were awesome in their own way and hyped to be a part of this. Names are Names, your edit was fire! Nice work out there, keeping on doing your thing and come to Loon and catch some laps and some coldies with the swingers!

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