Bet You Can’t – Trollhaugen

By • Aug 13th, 2013 • Category: Bet You Can't, Featured, Features, Videos

It’s like a summer dream or something, a Bet You Can’t episode from Trollhaugen.  Dane Byron challenges Mike Skiba to a hardway bs 270 to switch.  Kudos for the song choice.

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20 thoughts on “Bet You Can’t – Trollhaugen

  1. Mindblown

    these damn trollhaugen kids are on a completely different level than every other resorts riders. i just don’t get it. so insane.

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  2. The fist

    Excuse me, maybe in snowboarding. Skiba is has laser surgeon hand precision, control, and consistency.

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  3. DaFuq?

    Thought the lyrics were “Yell for the Skiba Troll” until about halfway through the video

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