Hump Day Fries Chicken with Cam Pierce

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Cam Pierce has been fucking up street snowboarding for years, and filmed some epic parts for Forum doing just that. Fact of the matter is, Cam also destroys jumps, cooks better than your mom and brews beer with the best of ‘em.  On the last night of his signature session, Cam cooked fried chicken for over 25 people including the media Crew, the entire Gremlinz bus, and various stragglers like myself. When I managed to lick my fingers clean and get a recorder running, this is what we talked about.

My first question is how the fuck does some one start snowboarding living in North Carolina?

Basically there is a tiny little hill there with a chair lift and a rope tow. The first day I was up there skiing though I sad fuck this and wanted to snowboard, didn’t want anything to do with the skis. Just hopped on the hill. Probably 500 feet of vertical called Catalucci ski resort. I started there when I was 14. Nothing serious. I would probably compare it to a midwest hill or something. Small.

How did you end up hitting rails?
Well I told my Dad that I wanted to start doing tricks and stuff but the mountain didn’t have anything so he started building the rails for the mountain. He was the dude who started welding all their rails and got the mountain a park going. It started with just a couple janky ones that he built but it was fun.

So why did you leave? Your dad blew up the park scene and then it was onward? Does the North Carolina Shred scene owe it all to your dad?

Maybe my home mountain does, but I would also drive two hours to go ride at Appalachian where Chase and Leonard are from. I would go up there on the weekends for contests and that’s how I met up with all those fools. They had a way better park with actual jumps and real rails and a real park crew that wasn’t just me and my friends moving around picnic tables. Once I graduated high school I some how finagled a digging job at Windell’s. At the time Jared Winkler was the head park guy and I met all the dudes who were park crew at Brighton. They persuaded me to get the hell out of North Carolina and go to Utah by giving me a job on the park crew that first winter and I’ve been there ever since so six or seven years now.

Windell’s kids literally line up to watch Cam. He’s that good. P: Erik Hoffman

Seven years? In all that time you must have Mormon Soaked…

(Laugh) You see, No one can really tell if that is real or not, it’s kind of like a mythical creature…Like finding an Albino Unicorn…I hear it’s real, but I don’t know anyone personally that has done it. I want to assume it’s real.

Is it easy to spot the Mormo chicks though, so you at least know which ones you have a chance with?

Oh ya. I mean. People always talk about how crazy it must be to deal with the mormon scene out there but it’s really not a big deal at all because they don’t go to the same places we do. They aren’t at the bars, the pubs, or concerts… you never see them. But when you do see them, its obvious. Super conservative style but they can be Reallly hot. There isn’t much of a point in me talking to them.

Ok, so the soak is ellusive, what about Mormons that just do anal, is that real?

That could be real, but I have not come across that either.


I don’t know… In case I should ever find myself in that scenario. Can you just keep your ear to the ground for me please and check back?

I’ll start going to church on Sundays when I get home. I’ll see if I can finagle a little sum-sum from a mormon chick I guess…

Thank you. Call me while it’s happening so I can hear the nuances for my self…If there is one thing that I like more than sex with Mormons, It’s fried chicken…You are a friend chicken master, Where does the skill come from?

When I moved out from home and my Mom wouldn’t do it anymore. She has a way better recipe than me. You had mine which is the quick and easy version. Bare bones. My mom is the real deal. It’s a science: fried chicken, chicken-fried steak, fried okra. The best stuff ever. She has about 10 recipes that I essentially recycle now that I do not live at home.

Do you make them in secret while working at spedelli’s?

No, I don’t. They don’t have all the ingredients I need.

Are you the best cook at Spedellis?

I don’t think so. I’d say Bundy has been doing the longest so he is probably the fastest. There aren’t very many complicated recipes so It’s not about being the best but the quickest. Bundy is pretty good. Sam and Mac have been working in the pizza world for a while now, so they have skills when it comes to tossing dough. I’m still trying to learn that shit. It’s cool though because it’s all homies that work there chilling together, listening to music, bullshitting and working. No liquor license but there is beer on tap so that is good enough.

That’s fucking Terje looking back. He’s the only one that still gets away with the denim look. P: Erik Hoffman

So what, next you are going to tell me the booze isn’t weaker too?

Well actually, Kind of. It’s just measured differently. So instead of alcohol by volume, it’s alcohol by weight. I don’t know why it’s done like that but it’s not that different when you break it down. If normally you could drink a 12 pack, in SLC you might need to drink 13. It’s a small difference. There are a bunch of microbus around too though if you want to get around that. you can find the normal stuff in stores.

I’ve seen your face on the cardboard cut-outs for air hole. Is that funny to see, does it release your  inner model?

Well, I am kind of a model, right? Honestly though, I didn’t even know they were gonna do that but one day I was taking a whole bunch of photos and I just thought they were for the website or something but the next thing I know I am an all those different air hole cards. It was hilarious to give them to the diggers. Jerry cut out the eye holes and was wearing it around like a mask.

It’s probably been a little it different than past years, but how was your winter spent?

It was hard because I didn’t really have a budget or a plan for the season. A lot of shit fell through and then I just decided I was going to have to do it on my own. without a budget I knew I was going to have to stay in Salt Lake, so I filmed all my street shit there kind of early on. Whoever was in town with a camera I would hit them up. I filmed with a bunch of local dudes and whoever else was around. I later linked up with 686 after that and went up to Baker with forrest Bailey and Pat Mccarthy and basically had the best trip I’ve ever had. Rode for seven days and got 37 inches of snow. McCarthy knows that place like the back of his hand too so he would just point everything out. We were knocking off two jumps a day while also hitting the classic spots like road gap. I got to do a bunch of backcountry stuff though which I didn’t get to do in the past because my footage would never get seen. My old sponsors weren’t too into showing my jump shots but now I have a bunch of stuff that I am really excited about and I think people will be surprised to see. I am just stoked to be able to do it on my own because I was really able to do whatever I wanted. Much more freedom as opposed to trying to do exectly what some else wants me to do.

Cam Pierce is ridin dirty. P: Erik Hoffman

You mean Forum?

Ya. Exactly. They just had a certain way they wanted to market people and I just got classified as a rail kid. It’s nice to be able to my own thing now. I love jumping and it was kind of discouraging because there wasn’t even a point to going on a jump trip because I knew they probably weren’t going to use my footage.

Where is the footage going?

We Don’t know yet. In the process of figuring it out. Probably give the footage to someone and then make a re-edit and release that on the internet.

Is it hard to find new spots in SLC?

It kind of is, but at the same time, the stuff that I see and want to hit has still not been done. Maybe it’s the way I snowboard. There is also construction going on in Salt Lake all the time so there is new stuff being built everywhere. It’s not the worst.

We would have put Cam in the ropetow techniques story if he had just brought the fried chicken like I told him to P: Erik Hoffman

Before we go, tell me about the time you hot-waxed Niko Cioffi’s skateboard

Last year at Windell’s Niko was showering and Niko’s board was laying next to some wax and an Iron. Stevie filmed it but I put a good half-inch layer of wax all over the bottom of his board. Nose and tail. I don’t know how he didn’t notice but we went skating later that day at the concrete jungle and he dropped in and ate so much shit. His first trick was fakie, rock or something. Right when his board hit the coping he slipped out so hard. He was so confused but just picked his skateboard up and kept skating. He slipped out a bunch more times before finally flipping his board over. Stevie and I kind of lost it at that point and started laughing and Niko started yelling at us and shit, telling me I ruined his skateboard and I have to buy him a new one. I’m pretty sure he still skates that board too. He rode it the rest of the summer and never scraped it. Everytime we skate though he still tells me I ruined his skateboard. He’s not one for vengeance luckily, and in reality I don’t think he minded much.

Sponsors: Endeavor Snowboards, 686, air hole, electric goggles, recess ride shop, and that’s about it. Shout out to everybody GBP crew.

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    I saw about 57 health code violations in that fried chicken video
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    I don’t understand why when UT is mentioned all that people can talk about are the Mormons. Is it an egregious expectation that when someone mentions UT you talk about something else other than the Mormons?

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    No Jeenyus, I wanted to know about mormon soaking. Totally different.

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