Yobeat’s Top 10 Colleges for Snowboarding

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shredcollege You should remove your tassle before snowboarding, college boy. Tommy Gesme is a bad example. photo: Danny Kearn

So the Ski Channel put out a list of the top ten schools for skiing and snowboarding and we were going to just reblog it and call it good, because it is one of our most frequently asked questions. But alas, their choices are pretty damn terrible. So, to insure that none of you (who we’re sure also frequent the skichannel.com for some reason) go to Oregon State (3 hours from the mountain) vs Portland State (1 hour and 15 minutes from the mountain) or any other their other bad calls, here’s our list. Warning: academics is not high on our list of requirements, but you’ll get a grade A education in snowboarding. Click on each to see our reasoning or just go through the numbers to read them all (we figure it you’re going to college you can read, but if not, they each have a video too.)

1. University of Utah
2. Plymouth State College
3. University of Nevada- Reno
4. University of Vermont
5. Montana State University
6. Western Washington University
7. UC Boulder
8. Portland State University
9. Middlebury College
10. UMN- Duluth

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87 thoughts on “Yobeat’s Top 10 Colleges for Snowboarding

  1. Big e

    @shreducated must have a college degree holy shit a lot of effort went into that comment

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  2. fired

    Brooke you’re gonna “reblog and call it good”?!? From the ski channel?!?! You’re a bigger ass-clown than I thought! UNR number one for sure. Hookers, gambling, 24 hour drinking, and they just passed a law recognizing medical weed cards from every weed state. Closest university to Tahoe. Game over. Go fuck yourself.

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  3. I do work on I-70

    You can catch trappin on I-70 hard then a mug. AWD+Boosted bruhhhh…Foreal though shout out to the homies in Boulder

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  4. lameeee

    well how about the kids stuck in the midwest! at NMU we only have to drive 5 min. to shred (granted we have no ropes) Mt. bohemia is 3 hours away , which has some of the most insanely fun backcountry and powder in the midwest. Theres also mt.ripley which only 2 hours away. not to mention the insane amount of urban rails. we get over 300 inches of snow a year, so im not complaining either way. only 4 hours from Duluth as well!

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  5. koots

    Ski Resort Operations & Management Program at Selkirk College in Nelson BC, Canada – best of both worlds, work and shredding. Travel and learn at the same time, while shredding epic Whitewater’s powder, you can’t beat it. Highly recommend it!

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  6. In All Seriousness

    There’s some liberal arts school like 6 minutes outta portland, and like an hour or whatever away from hood that you can take snowboarding/skiing as a “PE” credit or whatever the fuck that school shit means, another choice would be parkour, so two ups…

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    East Stroudsburg University all day, great party school and really accessible to a lot of mountains like Big Boulder and Camelback in the area. Definitely the top school for anyone stuck in the mid-atlantic to get a lot of days riding in and a low tuition

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  8. Michelle

    University of Utah was the school I went to for the snowboarding, but it turned out they also offered a decent education. Super easy to get into, though. They also offer decent scholarship for out of state students with good grades.

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    With Vail’s recent acquisition of Eldora, I’m really hoping to see some park funding because they apparently don’t even have a park crew at all. The last time I was there was maybe 08 and they had like, c boxes and non urban down rails. I’m trying to get some fools out there to make the first ever watchable edit from Eldora. It might take a year or two tho ;)

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  10. Jerm

    Way too many trustafarians at UVM. Finding someone else who isn’t a total bag of dicks and snowboards a lot is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Or at least it was when I went.

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  11. Mikey Reen

    whattttt? no Colorado Mountain College Campus’!


    its not a good school for snowboarding its a snowboarding school, and cheaper than anything on that list. They teach Ski and SNowboard business! Resort management!

    and then transfer up to bozeman after the 2 years is up

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    What about LYNDON STATE COLLEGE! I go to school for ski resort management, and shred 7 out of 7 days, over 100 days in the park. I know every liftie by first name, my teachers skip pow days just as much as the kids, and I know all my homies in the park. We have rails set up permanently at our school, and we our park designer always builds the best shit. Yeah you guys may have bigger schools, you may have a bigger mountain, but you sure don’t have as good as we do.

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  13. Slashbash

    @attentionyobeditors Vail didn’t acquire Eldora – do some research it’s the same deal they have with Abasin. They still run the mountain entirely.

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  14. Blow

    Maybe if you got all 27 single girls in Marquette to email brooke she’d agree to put NMU on the list

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  15. Cust King

    PLYMOUTH STATE: its full of drugs booze and dirty skanks. plus you can ride at the dopest mts in the north east. Went there for 5 years now I have holes in my brain and I have no cartilage left in my nose!!!!

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  16. Ben

    It’s Plymouth State University.
    We have some really intelligent students here, and if you we here you can’t tell me you wouldn’t skip classes every once and a while to hit the slopes.

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