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Win: A Salomon Assassin Snowboard


While there is technically a few more days of summer, I think we can agree that it feels like fall and we care about snowboarding again. And what better way to usher in the excitement than giving something away! Our friends at Salomon have an Assassin snowboard burning a hole in their warehouse and they were like, “Yobeat, give this to someone who needs it.” And we’re all like, but how will we be able to tell if they need it? We were gonna have you send in a screen shot of your bank account balance, but we worried about privacy and ya know, cheating so instead let’s do this the old fashioned way. Leave a comment below with your REAL EMAIL ADDRESS saying why you need this board. We want some real sob stories here people, so make our hearts bleed and a brand new snowboard could be arriving at your house.


About the Assassin:

Wolle Nyvelt and Taka Nakai take no prisoners with the Assassin strapped to their feet. A cross between our most progressive powder and freestyle board constructions, featuring ABC Green Roll, EQ Rad, Rock Out Camber, and Popster Booster, in one ride-anything package. The Assassin is built with an arsenal of technology for destruction of anything in its path. One board to rule them all.

More info:


And the winner is… Jeremy Wilson. Comment #51, chosen not just by us, but by you, for hitting thumbs up more than thumbs down. Enjoy your new shred stick, Jeremy!

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Comments (172)

  1. Checking acct balance -$57.00

    Savings $5.00

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  2. I need this board because I recently used veet for men on my ballsack and I still haven’t recovered from the horrible on fire sensation that enveloped my poor testes.

    Also my burton board is an old piece of crap that’s needing to be turned into a wall ornament (or shrine to Ullr or any other deity that guarantees fresh)

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  3. I need this because… Two seasons ago I broke my only deck. Last season I asked for a new snowboard from my grandma for Christmas and she gave me a WAKEBOARD, thinking it’s a snowboard. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I needed to return it because she was on her death bed. I didn’t get to ride at all last year and this year is looking the same, all because the sport of wakeboarding exists. For all that is holy and true in snowboarding, please give me this board!

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  4. Dear YoBeat,

    Just moved to a new city in Northern Alberta to work at a radio station as a writer.
    I don’t make very much money, it’s one of those “for the love” jobs.
    I just got my 3rd job to try and save cash for new gear for the coming season but my crippling student debt is eating all my money. If I won this board it would allow me to get out to the local hill and make new friends in this strange unfamiliar town. Plus I will get immediate street cred by having a sweet new deck with yobeat stickers on it.


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  5. I could reeeaaaaally use this board because im a broke as shit park builder in the southeast and at the very last day of last season my brand new snowboard was ran over by a snowcat (while i stood there screaming for the fucking moron to stop) breaking it in about 3 places and smashing my bindings into oblivion. Needless to say not covered by warranty and the driver who did it refuses to help me afford a new setup. I dont have the money for a new stick and i would fucking desperately like to ride this winter. I sit in my local shop and drool over the assassin on the wall but I only have about 100 dollars to my name. My only other option is to get a pro form from fucking ride. I dont wanna ride that kooky shit! Please yobeat! Keep me the fuck off a ride snowboard!

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  6. im 12 n wut is this???

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  7. I deserve this board because I made a 12 year old cry at high cascade

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  8. Dear YoBeat,

    Because I live in Maine.

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  9. I’ve been a liftie at Timberline for a couple years now, standing out in the pissing rain in the winter, loading up groups of 40 elderly Asians who don’t understand a lick of English in the summer, and now rollin’ in a huge 3 days a week in the offseason so I can get that pool access and free pass this next winter.

    Not yet making double digits, living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and trying to decide which of my boards is the least broken for the upcoming season… hook up a local YoBeat and Solomon!

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  10. i would make sweet sweet love to you brooke if you give me this board.

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  11. Just kidding i should probably find a real job, and one that I don’t have to complain about. But its cool Im such a shreddy loke. hook me up boarder bros! I smoke weed so you know im chill. :) ;P

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  12. Dear Yo Beat, last year against my better judgment I moved my family to Los Angeles from Colorado to take a job. Not understanding how big a part of my life snowboarding was, I sold all my snowboard gear in exchange for a surfboard. Now with all the snowboard talk and fall feeling in the air I am getting that hankering to get a board strapped to my feet but with the job I took to move to LA long gone and the increasing needs of my wife and two daughters, my bank account is left drained I am left with little option besides taking to the message boards and entering contests in hope I can win a new board.

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  13. I need this snowboard because, as of right now I have a 93 Haakon air with that years’ Burton freestyle bindings trapped on it with stripped hardware. I also have a 94 k2 Daniel Frank. but, it’s a 144.5, I think, with baseless bindings. i’m sure the frank is a great collectible, but it’s really heavy, and really difficult and extremely lame to ride, especially in powder. I know, you’re thinking, “you’re a grown-ass man, why don’t you just buy a new board?” because snowboards are expensive, yo! and, I have two little girls (5 and 8 months) that require me to buy them stuff like health insurance, and vaccinations and being-born-in-a-hospital charges because said insurance doesn’t seem to actually cover anything. the kids take up a lot of time too. I’ve had to stop writing this twice to fix a mylittlepony castle (once was actually to style hair). point being, that I have very little free time and no home mountain (after it closed in 2003), so it’s always hard for me to justify to my wife that I need a new set-up. cause, when am I going to use it? (well wait, when are you going to use it?) i’ll take it to a sled hill, i’ll set up a trash can at the park and jib it, i’ll jump off the retaining wall outside into the street. I live at the foot of the big horns, i’ll hike. I need the me time. right now I get it with skateboard sunday, but winter is coming. I did win a pair of rome bindings a couple years ago. so, i’m almost there. I just need a board to finally reach my goal.

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  14. Fuck Salomon and this snowboard.. their motto is ‘slay boredom’… what the fuck, i’m not Santa? Hope you guys choose me.

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  15. Hey YoBeaters,

    I don’t need this board for myself, or a friend, or even a hurt dog that I know. I need this board to save the fucking planet. We all know we’re destroying this blue and green ball of misfortune on the daily, and the only way to prevent it is to keep this board out of the hands of another god damn, lift riding, truck driving, homie snowboarder. Yeah that’s right, I’m going to split this baby down the middle and ride it both ways. This isn’t about me, this is about our kids, our grand kids, and their grands kids’ kids. So if you want to give this board away to someone with a runny nose and a trivial sob story then so be it, but if you want to grow a pair and become a website that will actually have something to live for, you know who to talk to.

    The Bird

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  16. Give me this board because fuck you

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  17. My turtle died:/

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  18. My turtle died

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  19. Because it goes with my Wu Tang hat?
    Okay, I spent all my grocery money on textbooks and beer…
    And my board is broken.
    And ninjas and shit.

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  20. give it to drunkjosh. His story is fully true and a real bummer. The dude kills it at life and didn’t deserve what he got. He’s really cool and I would love to see him back in utah this winter riding a real pow board.

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  21. Wow give away free shit people actauly come alive… Ummm gimme the board because im active in the community and you dipshits owe me.

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  22. dear yobeat,
    my capita had some how warped and then broke during the off season. and for some bullshit reason, capita will not cover my warrenty on the board. i am now going to be going into the season boardless. im a senior and have no time to work to get money for a new board. so winning a board is really the only option i have.

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