The People’s Court: Evan Erickson vs. Avery Erickson

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It’s no doubt the midwest has strong family values. Well what happens when you pit two brothers against each other for a chance at internet glory?

Evan Erickson


Avery Erickson

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of this week’s battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear. Starting Oct 3 and through the entire month of October winners will receive a pair of bindings from Flux! Submit your edit now, email the link to

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61 thoughts on “The People’s Court: Evan Erickson vs. Avery Erickson

  1. Matt Keller

    peoples court really pisses me off shit filming and shit tricks it really yanks my noodle like come on lets get a decent fimer and camera.

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  2. @B

    @B hahahahahahahahahahaha your kidding right? the only thing that kid is good at is throwing temper tantrums

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  3. High Five Command

    Snowboarding Guilty Pleasures: flips, rap music, swivels, and at least one tindy.

    It’s okay to like it…you’re anonymous.

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  4. steve the cat

    New rule, you can only use 1 trick in your edit once, Idc if you 5050 front 3, but then you take it up a level and do it on a rail 3 inches higher, don’t get me wrong its some next level shit, but only use 1 trick 1 time and get gain some versatility

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  5. Painful

    So, a little sadistic, its cool they dont know what it means being 12 years old. I was looking for the two worst snowboarding videos in the history of history and I found them. This made me want to be put inside an oven. I stopped halfway through each, because if youve seen a minute of one; youve seen the whole thing. They both have about 3 tricks in their sleeves, should be pro status right there.

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  6. Mrs. Erickson

    defs nice work everyone on chewing two 14 year olds out who ride better than 99% of all the haters here.
    way to go yobeat.

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