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Wheether you say it rooot or rut, here’s a full flick from the backroads of New England to start off your week.

Starring Bar Dadon, Cole Navin, & Parker Szumowski

Also featuring Andrew Aldridge, Brendon Rego, Dennis Filteau, Eugene Stancato, Matt Genovese, Noah Guarriello, & Robert Connors

Video by Eli Olson

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19 thoughts on “STUMPED’s Root 9 FULL MOVIE

  1. it's like

    VG presents KTC am video, KTC presents, STUMPD kids video, featuring homies in helmets filmed by kids with nice cameras, in the east coast. other then watching kids punching the ground because they didn’t land a trick, i dig.

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  2. Yobeat Jesus

    Good edit, well filmed, well put together, and I didn’t even skip through it. Awesome film

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