A 22-Stair Front Board on a Snowskate

By • Nov 8th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

Alan Gerlach has some skills.

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32 thoughts on “A 22-Stair Front Board on a Snowskate

  1. Joe Mango

    Dude i work out. Don’t you? I mean is it so wrong to have muscles. Jeeez lay of my case. Protein is my life.

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  2. powsurfer

    Im sorry but this is amazing. Haters are just jealous, this just makes most ‘street’ snowboarding seem like rollerblading

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  3. titpie

    Yobeat whats your take on the full length video? I got through the first few minutes. I don’t know what to think of it. I need some guidance on this one.

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  4. Carlson says

    fuck the haters, this is so legit, i’d like to see you pussies who need to front board strapped in try this, it’s snowboarding in it’s rawest, resembling skateboarding, if you have a snowskate with a ski underneath, that’s a different story, that’s kinda like a scooter…

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  5. future

    That’s skill. It’s shit like this that gives me hope for the future of snow riding and progression. No foots are the new one foots.

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