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Firing Squad: Kyle Beckmann vs Scott Nieuwenhuis


Photographing jibbing rules, seriously. There are so many ways to shoot things creatively. There are colors, textures and features that are incredibly challenging to shoot.

Then there are down rails… Down rails suck to photograph, period. Nothing sucks the wind out of an experienced photographer’s sails like a fucking straight rail down a set of stairs. In fact, I know a couple photographers that leave their gear in the car and play on Instagram until the session moves to the next spot. I’m not one of those guys, but I feel their pain. Obviously, there are some exceptions to every rule and I’m hoping these photos are among those.

So, take your pick of the pics, (see what I did there?) and choose whichever photographically soul sucking down rail photo makes you want to chuck your carcass down some stairs.

Keep submitting photos too! This month’s batch was real nice.

The Firing Squad goes down once a month on Yobeat, courtesy of DAKINE and this month’s winning photographer will receive The Sequence 33L DAKINE camera pack, (so you’ll wanna win.) Since we only choose two photos a month, we ask that you make submissions good (this will also help keep Zimmerman’s blood pressure at a minimum.) You can submit photos at least 980 px wide to [email protected]

Check out past Firing Squad Winners in the Champions Gallery!


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Comments (18)

  1. 2nd photo just ain’t crispy enough
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  2. I pass on photoshop tilt-shift effect, and so should you

    \ /\
    ) ( ‘)
    ( / )
    \(__)| meowow

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  3. Second photo is too busy and the fake tilt shift kills it. First photo got my vote
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  4. when’re we gonna get some good photos on here?
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  5. First photo wins for sure but not a fan of either shot, you can do better yobeat! First shot would be sick more towards the top of the hill by the fence or where the other camera man is, and the second shot just isn’t sharp. Gotta have clean sharp photos guys, especially for a photo contest for crying out loud!
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  6. I like the first. Good lighting and the basketball hoop balances it out.

    As for the second, well, anyone can take a picture in a near by park add some tilt shift and convert it to BW and call themselves a photographer.

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  7. I mean but Kyle Beckmann is a gay ass
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  8. finally there is a reason for me to visit yobeat again, god damn.
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  9. Somebody with photos published in multiple mags should probably move on from the firing squad
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  10. For a critique tho the filmer shouldn’t be in photo #1 but it’s got a nice comp and good timing
    Don’t have your friends lurking in the shot, clone them out if you have to because you obviously know how to use photoshop. It probably would have looked better from the bottom utilizeing that huge tree for an intresting composition. Shovel those stairs off too!
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  11. Ur an idiot. Not many people will take photos if you even use photo shop mr Dbleezy, let alone remove a whole element from the photo.

    Seems like all you tools have something to say when it comes to improving something about a certain photo when that is really left up to the artist taking the photo. If you don’t like it, that’s all you have to say.

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  12. I’m just gonna say, it’s clear to me who has the better vision for photography here.
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  13. Mr. Beckmann’s shot is clean
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  14. get the fuckin basketball hoop outta that shot godamn
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  15. @Dbleezy, “cloning out” doesn’t make any sense at all, just like your BRAIN
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  16. plus Nathaniel got the whole rail 56 times his first try and the rail is 2 and half times bigger than first photo’s friend who sucks really bad and fell off right after the photo was shot. I was there for both shoots and Scott’s photo was taken with film and he scanned in the negative onsite without hesitation or MDMA!!!
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  17. @patrick. So were you hiding behind the other basketball hoop when I shot this photo? Andrew Brewer, the rider in my shot, definitely stomped that trick about 6 or 7 times. Not sure what u are talking about there bud. Also, to take a film shot and scan it on site is kinda tough. Would need a darkroom, scanner, computer, blah blah blah.

    I do agree with the no cloning policy. The only time I do that is for commercial work, like a catalog. Crap, I barely use photoshop anymore.

    But everyone, thanks for the votes. I suck so it’s nice to know every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut.

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  18. people gunna hate but i loveee thesee
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