Winner: A Bonfire Tanner Jacket

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Harrison Gordon wears the Tanner Jacket from Bonfire. The video above proves it, as well as showing that the jacket has functional snaps, etc. Why should you care? Because caring is cool, and also, we have a Tanner Jacket to giveaway. To enter:

Congratulations to “MFM” for his comment, “because it really sucks being all wet after spraying skiers all day long.” We agree.  Staying dry while spraying skiers is a must. We will email you!  



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126 thoughts on “Winner: A Bonfire Tanner Jacket

  1. Griffin Flack

    living in the midwest you have to deal with crazy wind and below 0 temps. Without a proper jacket it is nearly impossible to enjoy riding as much as you could with one

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  2. zeachin

    i need a steely jacket like this so when i zeach its not as bad cause i still look good while doing it!

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  3. Benjermane

    Why not wear a jacket? They’re warmer, they have so many pockets, hoods, good for layering, different styles and colors, and most all they help you get bitches on your dilly!

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  4. Brooks

    Because when you don’t have a jacket on you don’t have a good pocket to put your pipe In. The pants are just not chill for pipes with all the knee bendin and what not

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