The 7th Annual Dirksen Derby

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Having not qualified for finals today, (a shock to no one) I am tempted to say that that hanging out and watching the Dirksen Derby is just as fun as riding in it. A crowd of people shifted back and forth in a snow-island between the two courses to marvel at up-and-comers such as the Mindich Brothers, but also Legends, such as Shaun Palmer (who was riding an OG Palmer board with an American flag on the base. Shit was heavy, and I mean that in both the metaphorical and physical sense) The most entertaining person in the crowd, besides Ben Lynch throwing snowballs at a select racers, was a man by the name of Jacque (aka Sangina.) Dawning an all blue onesie, he interviewed the Airblaster boys, while continually shifting the camera to comment on every single racer to pass by. From what I gather, this guy is a local celebrity, and he is potentially the most interesting man I have ever encountered in my travels. He tells us that LSD is like McDonalds…only do it once a month. I first questioned whether today was perhaps that trippy day for Jacque, but upon watching his youtube page Sagina1999 (you know, like Vagina with an “s”) I realize he is indeed the most entertaining person in the world.

But Sangina aside, how could one not be entertained with today’s events? Bryan Fox, Harry Kearny, Scotty Wittlake, Blair Habernicht and many others reminded everyone just how fun it can be to see proper edge control. For those not as keen to the intricacies of turning on banked chowdah, Tim Eddy quickly earned howls of joy as he ollied out of the third turn to backflip the next one. In his second run he drop skipped all the gates and dropped through the section like a pillow line.

Many male riders scrubbed a majority of their speed in one particular section, where three banked turns angled so sharply against each other that the rider was forced into turning back up hill. Interestingly, the standout woman’s riders, such as MFR, made it through this section with enough finesse to turn the heads of all on-looking elites. Bachelor workers were convinced that being Goofy footed would also provide you with an advantage in this section of the course. (So if you are a goofy-footed woman, this may have been the race for you!)

This event, though perhaps not as challenging as some, is one that exemplifies a righteous snowboard aura that can be outmatched by only that that of The Legendary Banked Slalom in Baker. When you are at an event like this, the future of snowboarding isn’t being discussed, the word progression is only used ironically, and there are no losers. Except for Java Fernandez maybe, who was presented with Crab-Grab’s slowest time ever award. I think he was cool with it though.

Now, how bout some results! (Click the link for the full list.)

1. Shaun fitzsimmons
3. Noah Brown
2.Wyatt Foley

Splitboard Men:
1. Gabe cliafre
2. Adam Haynes
3. Forest Burki

Splitboard Woman
1.Amy Wadley
2.Angela Wilson
3.Marie-France Roy

1.Ruben Valdivia
2.John devenere
3.Jerry Lopez

1. Sylvain Duclos
2. Jason McAlister
3. Ami Voutilainen

1. Marie-France Roy
2. Coleen Quigley
3.Desiree Melancon

1. Nils Mindich
2. Kyle Miller
3. Logan Beaulieu

1. Harry Kearney
2. Lucas Debari
3. Curtis Cizek

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11 thoughts on “The 7th Annual Dirksen Derby

  1. local rippers delight

    Jacque finally getting that recognition! Now somebody get him a job as Xgames announcer

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  2. Spindrift

    Yah, Jacques is the REAL DEAL! One of the unique humans I’ve met who makes this earth habitable!

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  3. Jacques

    Thanks for all the kindness toward my silly videos. That’s what the Dirksen Derby is all about. One need not be a big dog to join in on the fun. Unlike some forms of “racing” all the folks at the Derby have a good time. I saw not one person chapped. Thanks again YoBeater’s, Jacques

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  4. erik

    Jacques you’re the man! Keep on spreading the stoke brother, if you announced the olympics I’d probably watch them.

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