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MTNApproach Unveils Website Redesign

 KETCHUM, ID (December 17, 2013) – The MTNApproach website redesign has been launched and provides a much improved overall user experience.   The new homepage incorporates a streamlined has better access to all sub-categories, while the added Technology Page has detailed product specs, plus an informative comparison matrix to help backcountry enthusiasts decide how to get uphill. The overhaul also includes advanced mobile-user capabilities, interactive product features with video descriptions and updated imagery.

Partner and Director John Kaiser said “SDA Creative did a great job helping us incorporate the MTNApproach look and feel.  We now have a website that makes it easy for consumers to see what our product is and does and why they would want to use it.  Our goal was to help people understand our product and we are really stoked on how this project worked out.“

Check out the new websites online or on your mobile device. Click on the link below to see the new site:



  1. My back hurts

    Why would anyone want to have their snowboard on their back. The whole point of splitboarding is to get your board off your back pack and not have to post hole hike. I don’t want to keep anything together let alone a snowboard. These are stupid. The backpack doesn’t have a built in avalung or abs system so your fucked if shit slides and you’ve got these stupid foldable skis on while you’re skinning up.

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