POW Inc Acquires Holden

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For those of you that have been wondering about the fate of Holden, Shop-eat-surf has the scoop.

POW Inc., parent company to POW Gloves and Spacecraft Collective, today announced the successful completion of its transaction to acquire 100 percent ownership of Holden Outerwear. The transaction closed and became effective December 1, 2013.

“We are honored to carry forward the success of the Holden brand by partnering with the team at POW Inc. They understand our approach to stylish functional outerwear, and we mutually plan to combine Holden’s branding and product expertise with POW Inc.’s resources and excellence in business,” said Mike LeBlanc, Brand Director and Co-Founder of Holden Outerwear.

Congrats guys, does this mean you’re moving back to the Northwest? Cause you should know it hasn’t snowed here.

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6 thoughts on “POW Inc Acquires Holden

  1. Smoneyg

    Holden is a really rad company, or at least it was under the old regime. It’s expensive as shit but I have always felt that the garments were great quality from technical perspective and so sick in fit and design. I hope these pow inc cats don’t completely blow it.

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  2. East Coast

    As long as Mikey and pals are still involved I don’t see why Pow would change it for the worst. It’s a company run by some pretty influential people.

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  3. NW designed in PDX

    I think the quality is going to go up. Pow has a license for goretex so hopefully they will incorporate that in their $400+ jackets. Was incredibly disappointed with the last couple years of new materials that Holden experimented with. Holden needs to bring back the technical shell without mesh vents but use goretex instead of recycled coffee beans. For a company that was designed for the NW it doesn’t keep you dry anywhere but in the rockies. Good Warranty though but sseriously bring back the ninja cuffs. Props on the OR mitt colab though.

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    POW can suck it. Holden may be pricey but thats because they are actually environmentally conscious. i would rather pay more for something than get some cheap ass shit. holden was better as a small company. i guess eventually everything has to get bought out and turned to shit

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