How to Pick up Snow Bunnies

By • Dec 23rd, 2013 • Category: Featured, News, Videos

Here’s a touching tale that fills us with holiday cheer. Jack has a fancy new Samsung wristwatch and uses it to pick up the hot snowboard babe. Meanwhile, the chump with the regular phone is striking out left and right. We’re so glad they chose to use snowboarding to show off the alleged capabilities of this device, because otherwise we may never have seen this heartwarming commercial. For shame.

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17 thoughts on “How to Pick up Snow Bunnies

  1. buttsex

    am i the only one who finds it a bit creepy that he’s following this girl around taking pictures of her?

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  2. Raf

    This is so pervy. And why did they have to make her a Euro chick? Just cos we are European don’t mean we are all easy and have no standards. I think a valley girl would be the only one that kinda shit would work on ;)

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  3. Hersh

    I found that the most disturbing thing is the fact that she’s wearing a beanie and earmuffs. If they need researchers for this type of thing, I’m available for hire.

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  4. dicksquad

    Besides the fact that hes a creepy euro stalker…why the fuck was the skier carrying his skis up the chairlift.

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  5. Nasty James

    why was that dude carrying his skis on the lift? Also I’m pretty sure the skier was a snowboarder and the snowboarder was a douche.

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  6. mannerlurch

    Oh sure, but when I follow chicks around the hill and take pictures of them, the police get involved…..

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  7. Shredlyn

    Must be hella cold where they are.. Aside from those “fresh” cordoroy lines, what stupid girl wears a beanie and earmuffs at the same time? What an asshat…

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