A Cold Front Preseason

By • Dec 26th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

Pretty sure you guys will never get sick of Hyland and Troll edits, so we’ll just keep em rolling. The Between Lakes dudes get it done.

RIDERS: Trevor Tollefson, Zach Monte, Jack Brenner, Kayli Hendricks, Matt Krei, Ben McCabe, Tanner Seymour.

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18 thoughts on “A Cold Front Preseason

  1. BIG NOR

    colorado is for pussy stoners that take 5 runs a day. Grow a pair and come snowboard in Minnesota and stop hate’n

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    1. Some Stoners Ride All Day

      Since you’re tellin people to stop hate, I feel I have to save you from hypocrisy. Colorado has terrain and snowfall that Minnesota can’t compete with and it produces talent all-around. Yeah it’s full of tourists and trusifarian kooks but so is every other resort town. If that’s why you think CO sucks then buddy you’re in it for the wrong reasons. Stop Hate’n

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  2. utah!

    Utah riders slay on everyone from the east coast that’s why all you Michigan and Minnesota and Vermont fuckers come out here the only thing sick in the video was the features and the last 10sec besides that no style. and that’s shits not a real edit real edits go down in the streets not small ass parks. props to trolls but all you east coast mo fos need to shut up. you guys cant say shit until you got 90footers in your edits and actual consequences

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    1. minnesnowta

      first of all, minnesota is no where near the east coast….. and second, yea people from mn goto utah for a trip or two, some people even move out there for a season or two, but they always come back. why? cuz minnesota has towropes and skateparks to snowboard on. nothing beats hot laps on our “small ass parks”, sure we dont have 90 footers but we are home to joe sexton, ethan deiss, danimals, justin fronius, zac marben, the michilots and many more.

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  3. mont

    Look at a map you goon, Michigan and Minnesota are no where near the east coast. Plus Mormons; Utah’s cultural leadership is a fuckin’ joke.

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