People’s Court: Gordon Rowan vs Bret Guild

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Park riding isn’t enough anymore. Who hit the streets harder?

The People’s Court is a weekly competition, brought to you in the month of December by evo.  This week’s winner will receive a pair of Burton Cargo Pants. Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son. PLEASE NOTE: The People’s Court will be hibernating starting in January and will enjoy a glorious return this spring, so start stacking those clips.


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31 thoughts on “People’s Court: Gordon Rowan vs Bret Guild

  1. Oh Henry

    I swear the first dude is Mike Senger….I’ve seen that guy ride and he rips. Totally takin this

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  2. Jeenyus

    To me this was not about “bag-o-tricks” but more of style. The first kid had some of the sloppiest tricks i’d ever seen. Second kid did some major high risk shit…

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  3. Pat snowboards

    “Gordon” has absolutely no style except on his front nose’s. Brets throwing down

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  4. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad

    2nd kid had way smoother style but the video was too short. The concrete pillow line was sick.

    1st guy did have some sloppy/repetitive tricks that maybe could have been left out, but I dug that stalefish to rock ride and his last 2 tricks.

    Gordon Rowan got my vote

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  5. Serglivingston

    GORDY ROWAN TAKES HER HOME, bret blows nuts he should learn how to ride some rails in bitch park before making a fool of himself on the streets

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  6. yousuck

    Both of these kids are garbage. This first kid wants to be Gus Engel, and the editing is wack, shot selection is garbage, and the sweatpants look still looks like you were found at walmart. The second kid well it looks like mom filmed everything and the song selection was awful. Keep trying kids.

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  7. Steve the cat

    Both were good edits, that’s what I like to see. I voted for the first kid just because his part was longer and you could tell he put a little more time in filming. You want to try to make your Edits about a 1/4 the amount of time you have sex as a rule of thumb . Second kid with the ledge pillow was tight too but the last shot I ditnt get I liked the ender , than it was just him riding down a hill to a creek like wtf do you think this is art of flight? Keep Havin fun tho guys

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  8. Confused

    What year were these videos made in? By the look of the quality they on some 2003 type shit. Wow my only advise to these kids is to buy a REAL camera. How hard is that to ask?

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  9. whatthefuckimpissed

    why the fuck does he have the name gordy rowan and michael senger. like did he change it? can someone please explain this

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