5 Things I learned From Jeff Holce the Athlete Today

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See that little baby patch of snow? We boarded on that.

While other resorts in the Northwest such as Stevens and Bachelor get dumped on, Mount Hood continues to get shit on. Somehow missing every major storm from that has entered the Northwest, the slow start to the season has given me a chance to pay respect to the little things in this snowboard life near Mount Hood. While taking laps at Ski Bowl’s 8 feature rope toe park, I was able to appreciate a good day of snowboarding despite the shitty conditions thanks to one man’s wisdom.

1. The furnace room is the best room to live in on a cost/utility basis.

Why get your own room in a house when you can save on rent and maximize your potential for free heat? If you’ve got to live in a walk in closet, do what you must, but nothing compares to the privacy and heat benefits of the room/closet with the furnace. Disadvantages include living in a room with a furnace.

photo 1-1
Behold the glory. This is where the Athlete trains.

2. The best way to break in your snowboard boots is to swim in them

And once you are done swimming, walk around in them for a little while. According to Jeff, if you do not have a pool or a Lake, than a shower will work. When I posed the question “but won’t you get water all over the house?” He gave me a look that spoke the words for him “ya, so what. Fucking clean it up after.” True that, Jeff. True that.

photo 2-1
Indy Gap over the un- bow rail. I shot Early. THIS IS NOT BOOT GRAB.

3. The VHS/LoRes video style that has become popular lately was likely inspired by a skate video called Worship Friend Ship.

Jeff Holce really likes this movie and I absolutely understand why. The skating is amazing, the visuals are triply, and the music is trappy. I also understand why so many people have been influenced by it. As Jeff put it “No one really stole the idea because everyone started doing VHS/lo-res in snowboarding at the same time.” I think he wanted to say snowboarders stole it, but he never actually said it.

I believe this was Jeff’s favorite part.

4. You gotta face the action.

When I asked Jeff Holce why he rode switch every time on the tow rope, he said. “you gotta face the action.” He of course did not mean observing progressive tricks, if anything the lack there of. You know, The Dude in the T-shirt boosting a tindy off of the un-bow box. It was perfect.

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 9.59.58 PM
Holce, Mountain.

5. Never ask a Ski Bowl Worker for a Zip Lock Bag.

What seemed like an ordinary request was met with the utmost hostility. “A bag?” she looked back incredulously “what do you need that for?” Jeff was just looking for a cover for his smart phone, his portable portal into the world we love so dearly. Did she think we were drug dealers? Did she have a poor association with the petroleum based baggie’s? The world may never know.

Other exciting moments include Jeff Holce filming a Joey with his GoPro and the Joey lecturing Jeff Holce about how to film. If only the joey knew who he was talking to…

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17 thoughts on “5 Things I learned From Jeff Holce the Athlete Today

  1. DADswag

    shouts out mango shouts out genesis evans They be skatin in them thirsty ass cons n boards been waterlogged since the 80′s

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  2. Bilboswaggens

    Number 2 is also slightly fabricated. J.Holce would never clean up the water after romping through the house.

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  3. co2

    Is he endorsing carbon monoxide poisoning when suggesting we live next to a furnace. keep it ventilated, bro.

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  4. KC KYLE

    Jeff Holce is literally the coolest, most down to earth, badass, non bro, least douchy, totally rad, chillest chiller I have ever read about on the internet.

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  5. mhssc camper

    the only thing jeff holce ever taught me was that there is no such thing as ‘too young’

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  6. ojc4all

    Yobeat god fucking dammit, Shake Junt and the Deathwish crew will only film in VHS/lo-res and have been for years. Give credit where it’s needed Beagle and the latest Deathwish video, OG’s deserve some lovin.

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  7. #jeffholceismyfriend2014


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