Shaun Flippin White!

By • Dec 27th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

GoPro dropped the official Shaun White frontside double 1440 video while we were out. For the record, this is NOT CORE, but actually the official, PR Sanctioned, Agent-approved, family friendly version of his viral video sensation. We’re just a little disappointed he didn’t refer to himself as the tomato. It’s ok to laugh at yourself, Shaun.

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35 thoughts on “Shaun Flippin White!


    I don’t like the guy…but that shit was fucking gnarly. Pipe is crazy dangerous and although I think Shaun is a twat I respect him.

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  2. Gonzo

    I’m glad I was watching this while taking a shit. Unfortunately, I flushed the better looking thing down the toilet. An extra 180/360 onto the end of tricks may equal a higher score, but damn are they ugly. The only trick I like watching him do anymore is an alley-oop rodeo in the pipe, that is always a classic that he throws in there.

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  3. yung fantasy

    Blanco, well done.

    But for real go jerk off to all the different angles you get of yourself doing all your flip spins. Im sure youll have a blast.

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  4. Slimerslimespeoplewithectoplasm

    Hey Shaun, imma let you finish, but Mckayla Maroney is the best American Gymnist. And she’s prettier. A lot prettier.

    Ps. Please stop confusing me.

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  5. shaun wite

    I hoped everyone noticed the lack of chicks on site for my shoot. Well I have chosen to announce my coming out of the closet. Yes, it’s true, I AM GAY. I am on fire and sochi will be the place where I shred for USA and for gayness. Btw… grabbing boots is the new rainbow boys.

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  6. Yung Boy

    “Its great because i can use the go pro footage as a training tool”


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  7. weston

    someone please make him a picture of a snowboard that tells him where it is ok to grab the board. He needs to be informed of the three thing, Between the bindings, Nose, and Tail. there is no such thing as a grab where your boot is.

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