10 Reasons to Ride on Shitty Days

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Ahh snowboarding. When it’s good, it’s like, really good, but there are also plenty of shitty days. You know the ones — it’s pissing rain, hasn’t snowed in months and looking more like a roller rink than a ski slope, or so frigid your skin burns when you step outside. If you’ve been snowboarding a long time, or get to go a lot, it can be easy to just say fuck it and stay home.  And as people who’ve been riding the one 8-inch storm at Hood for weeks*, we’ve certainly had to lower our standards, but it did inspire this list.

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1. Way Better People Watching

Shitty days are enjoyed by hardcores and hardcores only, and they happen to be some of the most unique people in the world. If you enjoy laughing at dudes in one piece fluorescent suits, shitty days are your jam.



2. It’s Less Crowded

Aside from those weirdos, all the soccer moms and primadonnas stay home, meaning shorter lift lines and more space for you to work on your twirly birds off of side hits.

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 9.51.23 AM

3. Ski Reports Lie

In my entire snowboard career, I can only remember a couple of times that it was worse than I expected. If it sounds like it’s going to be shitty via the internet, remember, in the mountains things change quick and you never know. Maybe you’ll drive up into a world of sunshine on a rainy day.


4. Exercise

When you get old and your metabolism slows down, you start counting on snowboarding not just for fun, but for its health benefits as well. And you burn almost as many calories negotiating ice as shredding powder. Beats going to the gym.

5. You don’t have to get up early

No matter how enlightening the Nike Movie would have you believe getting up early is, that shit sucks. On shitty days, you can sleep til whenever you feel like it, because it’s not like it’s getting any worse. And if you get up there at 2 and only get to ride for a couple hours, well, who cares?


6. It’s the only way to 100 days

If you really wanna be considered a snowboarder, you’ve gotta break 100 days in a season at least once. The chances of there being 100 perfect, bluebird powder days in one season are pretty slim, so get your ass up there whenever scheduling allows, despite conditions.

photo copy

7. It’s Pretty

Unless you live in the Midwest or something, being on the mountain and breathing fresh mountain air are benefits of getting out of bed and going snowboarding. So go, and remember to enjoy the view (even if it’s just a cloud mass.)


8. It makes you better and toughens you up

Everyone wants to be good at snowboarding, because sucking at things, well, sucks. Riding ice, dirt patches or whatever your mountain has to offer is a huge bolster to your skills. Just think how much easier it will be when you actually get to ride on a good, soft day with visibility? It really makes you appreciate it.

9. You won’t have to see people snowboard with their shirt off.

This scourge on ski areas doesn’t seem to be going away, but if it’s cold and raining, the chances of Joey Showoff stripping down are low. In fact, Joey Showoff probably won’t even be there.

photo copy 2

10. It’s better than not snowboarding.

Seriously, what else do you have to do?

*Still better than an average East Coast day

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14 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Ride on Shitty Days

  1. Fuck your weather

    Fucking local 30 second run hill has been closed countless days due to temperatures of below -31 F (-35 C).
    Fuck your mountains and fuck your powder.

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  2. Fuck your crowds

    My local mountain is an 8 hour drive from 80% of the US population
    What you know about Joey show offs or “crowded” days
    Ever waited in line for an hour?

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    1. ha

      If I ever had to wait in line for an hour I would just hike… I would imagine you could hike to the top of an East coast resort in an hour.

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  3. Bruce

    -52 C (you look it up) in Winnipeg with the wind chill today…. So I moved to the west coast and it’s snowed like 1 time since October….

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  4. cascadia411

    Whats worse than riding on a shitty day is working part time at the mountain and having to force yourself to ride in this garbage bag weather. Some idiot dirtbag ski bums make their living off of working at ski resorts (I Don’t ski) Getting your hours cut and not having enough money because mother nature can only precipitate in the form of rain is raining on my parade. When its good its great and when its bad its bulletproof. Last rant. Never EVER trust the mountain report. Fuck NOAA. Shoulda never moved from Alaska.

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