Bet You Can’t- Brighton

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This is a good one. Bet You Can’t get digits from three chicks then land a half-cab on to backside 5 on the up tube. First try.

Boarding and A-game by Pat Fava.

FIlming/editing by Mia Lambson.

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38 thoughts on “Bet You Can’t- Brighton

          1. in response to your all idiots.

            he did not do cab 1 back five. he did 1/2 cab back 5, at least in your sweet snowboard terminology. i cant believe you roped me into this shit.

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    1. doyouevenknowwhatahalfcabis?

      if he half cabs onto it, he is then going regular, so the back 5 is regular.

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      1. playerhaters

        right?! I have no idea how switch 5 and cab 5 came up… I mean it’s in the fucking video description:

        “land a half-cab on to backside 5 on the up tube”

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  1. zuckerkorn

    I’ve seen some pretty bad discussions on Yobeat, but the Half-cab/cab1/back5/ohmygoodkillyourselves discussion happening here
    might be the reason I stop bothering with this bullshit, even though I have plenty of others.

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