Bet You Can’t- Carinthia Parks

By • Jan 14th, 2014 • Category: Bet You Can't, Featured, Features, Latest, Videos

Casey Willax is going for it. Hardway frontside 450 lipslide back to regular. Woah.

Film and edit by Dylan Demers.

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34 thoughts on “Bet You Can’t- Carinthia Parks

  1. LOL

    Yeah tricks like this are possible but there is a reason no one does them..tricks like this are stupid.

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  2. note.

    legit, no doubt. but when the trick is that gnarly and specific i have a hard time believing it was an actual “bet ya can’t” and more a “this is my most legit trick, get a shot of a friend saying ‘bet ya can’t’ then slap it in”

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    1. note.

      thanks bro. nice spelling by the way. your/ you’re? you make me feel pretty confident about my intelligence

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