Insult To Injury- Frank Vezina vs Tommy Gronberg

By • Jan 23rd, 2014 • Category: Features, Insult to Injury, Latest, Videos

These guys need some practice. But we’re not even sure that would help. Maybe an entirely new hobby? Vote below to determine which crash is worse.


Not everyone can be good enough at snowboarding to make a season edit worthy of People’s Court glory, but just about anyone can crash like a boss. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Giro to present a contest for the rest of us. Each week, two crashes will go head to head and your votes will determine who scores a Combyn helmet & Blok goggles from Giro for their pain and suffering. Think these guys could have gone harder? Send us your slam to prove it.

Send all submissions to (Please host it on vimeo or youtube and just send the link!) Or if you don’t have any good crash footy, just get ready to laugh at others’ misfortune.


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9 thoughts on “Insult To Injury- Frank Vezina vs Tommy Gronberg

    1. Samuel Jackson

      Yeah rode away on his throat, fuck steven’s knee grind the throat is where it’s at!

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  1. PeteWast, Sr.

    I remember when PEte Jr fell like Frank Zevinaza whilst learning to operate a snowboard.

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  2. Sophisticated 6th grader

    Truly Impressive that Tommy Gronberg was able to scorp on top of a rail. That shit was still airborne and he scorped. Props.

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  3. Steve the cat

    I really wanted to make a crunch wrap supreme joke but both those tacos were missin the guacamole of you catch what I’m throwing . All jokes aside face taco def takes it

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