HATELINE: 2/4/14

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Yawgoons 11

Cosmic Medals

SIA Trade Show

Shaun White Superhero

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36 thoughts on “HATELINE: 2/4/14

  1. Jerm

    I have to know. And please correct me if I’m wrong. But what tricks have street snowboarders invented? They’ve all just done tricks skateboarders have done?

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    1. basshole

      so by that logic now that skateboarders are doing 1080s, theyre technically doing tricks that snowboarders invented? or rollerbladers, for that matter?

      queue the “that’s totally different” response

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  2. Conspirisiststisst

    You forgot to mention how danny davis and kp (gold medal contenders in 2010) were seriously injured right before the last olympics rendering them unable to compete and the field wide open for shaun. SHAUNSPIRACY

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