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17-Month-old Aspen is the Next Snowboard Superstar

Now that Burton has put ┬ámyth that kids should ski first to rest, parents can get their kids on board to start training for the Olympics earlier and earlier. Meet 17-month-old Aspen, who’s actually been snowboarding since 10 months old according to the blokes at OnBoard. Why do we know she’s gonna make it? Cause she’s already got claiming her tricks down!

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Comments (8)

  1. burton should stop everything else they are doing and focus mainly on shit like this
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  2. She knows how to bend her knees better than most women snowboarders.
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  3. Shes got some hella steezy afterbang bro!
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  4. Still better style than every girl in the Olympics.
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  5. wonder if shes on tinder
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  7. 0:30 if you slow it right down you can see her tap the shit out of the yellow cone, and a few laps later at 0:48 tailpresses the box better than 90% of yobeat
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  8. How much did Aspen pay those parents to make her name aspen
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