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A Waterville Valley Double Feature

Although it is geographically impossible, Waterville often stands in the shadow of near-by Loon. But don’t be fooled, if you like sliding on metal and plastic, and are in the Lakes Region, you’d be foolish to pass it by. Here’s a couple videos from the locals to prove it.

Riders: Kyle Cross, Bryan Watson, Bar Dadon, Bryan Harper, Luke Mathison, Chris Weston ,Zack Normandin, Steve Bryan,Andrew Aronson, Dan Noonan, Dennis Filteau
Film/Edit: Brent McCarron
Additional Footage: Adam Metterville

Riders in order of appearance-
The Stephen Bryan
Bryan Harper
Nate Carroll
Brent McCarron
Tim McLaughlin

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Comments (2)

  1. the slaughterville edit reminds me off something……ooooo thats right MIke Ravs snark video
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  2. that song…… why did anyone ever allow for the song in the first vid.
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