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VG at Trollhaugen

Could this be one of the last Troll edits of the season? :(

Derrek Lever | Jonah Owen | Tommy Gesme | Cody Beiersdorf | Shane Ruprecht | Jed Anderson | Danimals | Jake OE | Zac Marben at Trollhaugen

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Comments (5)

  1. sick edit, music from friendship worship skate video tho. But whatever, the edit just should have been longer cos the song gets better right when the edit ends…
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  2. I hope the rumors are true and Jed is secretly in the new vg movie.
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  3. This has gotta be the gayest shit I’ve ever seen
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  4. vg is too professional to leave out jed unannounced
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  5. I’m guessing this was all the unused tricks from their Terror At Troll 2 that is about to drop
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