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About is the site that started it all. Of course the definition of “all” and “started” are completely up for discussion. But seriously, we write whatever we want about snowboarding and other general extremeness. We’ve faded away, come back, but now we’re here to stay! Plus, we have probably been around longer than you have been snowboarding. Just saying.

Based all over. The internet is global, you know.

If you’ve just discovered this site, here’s what you missed…

Please note: We are not a blog. We are a super portal of information. We do not talk shit. We make astute observations.

YoBeat Home Offices

8101 SE Flavel
Portland, OR 97206

Brooke Geery: Editor-in-Chief/Publisher/Decision Maker/Intimidator

Justin Parkhurst: Brand Partnership Manager/Hat Enthusiast

Jared Souney: Creative/Ideas/Design/Janitor/Welding/Apparel Line

Justin “Stan” Leveille: Field Editor/Aspiring Comedian/ Rapper

Chas Truslow: Social Media/IT Department/Internet

Nick Lipton: Formerly Great

Rachel Cotton: Nerd Consultant

Tim Zimmerman: Photo Editor/Vegan Cooking

Party Time Nate: Mascot

RJ Sweet: Mail Boy

Columnists and Contributors

High Fives with Todd Richards- Todd knows said

Sarah Morrison’s Best Week Ever- Sarah is/was funny.

Gingervitus – Red headed humor and knowledge from Colleen Quigley.

30′s Thursday – Preston Strout shares old person wisdom

The N00b – Learn all about snowboarding with a newbie.

Colleen Quigley, Rumorator Von Rumorstein,  Sarah Morrison, Josh Parker, Danny Larsen, Tobe Witte, Enzo Plati, Brad Oates

Content Submissions and Photos

(Please note: We consider all submissions open for mockery. We are Yobeat, after all. If you’re going to be a baby about it, please don’t bother sending them.)

Advertising Inquiries

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