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Firing Squad: Colter Heard vs Fabrice Toussaint»

Two dudes captured gettin’ sideways, but only one can win!

05/15/12 » 16 Comments
Firing Squad: Tommy Larragueta vs Brad Torchia»

Tweaking grabs and tweaking colors in this week’s photography battle!

05/01/12 » 9 Comments
Firing Squad: Robert Wilcox vs Logan Ward»

If you like to vote, it’s your lucky day!

04/24/12 » 28 Comments
Firing Squad: April 17, 2012»

A new and improved version of the Firing Squad — comment to win!

04/17/12 » 65 Comments
The Firing Squad is Getting a Makeover!»

For the past 4 years, we’ve been attempting to showcase and reward photographic greatness with our weekly Firing Squad feature. But as it turns out, the best part of the feature is usually the comments, so as of next week, we’ll be changing things up. No more voting. No more photo battles. Just a good […]

04/11/12 » 5 Comments
Firing Squad: March/April Champions Battle»

Which photo will be immortalized in the Champions Gallery this month?

04/03/12 » 15 Comments
Firing Squad: Jacek Wejster vs Thomas Uecker»

A battle brought to you by the love of saturation!

03/27/12 » 20 Comments
Firing Squad: Tyler Orton vs Colter Wade»

A powder battle in honor of the start of winter in the West!

03/20/12 » 7 Comments
Firing Squad: Kyle McCoy vs Randy Williams»

Voting is safer than the backcountry, so do it.

03/13/12 » 5 Comments
Firing Squad: Paris Gore vs Alex Mlynarek»

Back to the better battles this week. So VOTE!

03/06/12 » 13 Comments
Firing Squad February Champions Battle»

This one is for a Burton Camera pack and all the glory!

02/28/12 » 12 Comments
Firing Squad: Pat Branch vs Baxter Hamish»

OMG, it’s a double rainbow!

02/21/12 » 23 Comments
Firing Squad: Jordan Ingmire vs Gill Montgomery»

Fun with flashes (and voting!)

02/14/12 » 12 Comments
Firing Squad: Steve Lauder vs Keenan Aggiss»

A battle you won’t soon forget, even if you want to.

02/07/12 » 17 Comments