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Firing Squad: December Champions Battle»

Vote for you who think deserves a Burton Camera pack under the tree this year.

12/20/11 » 4 Comments
Firing Squad: November Champions Battle»

One of these dudes gets a Burton camera pack and your votes decide who!

11/15/11 » 11 Comments
Behind the Shot: Piotr Drzastwa»

The story of a photo that had the support of all of Poland.

07/23/11 » 1 Comment
Firing Squad: MNMNT Champions Battle»

A photographic grudge match for a bitchin’ snowboard.

07/12/11 » 25 Comments
Behind the Shot: JP Lagos»

It’s Over. JP Wins!

08/10/10 » 16 Comments
Behind the Shot: Zach Griswold»

The YoBeat Firing Squad can be a harsh mistress, especially when Tim is feeling zany and posts a joke shot to prove a point (or something.) But after five commanding victories in a row, there is no doubt that Zach Griswold earned his DAKINE photo pack and spot in the Champion’s gallery. As always, we […]

06/08/10 » 9 Comments
Jesse Rourke: Behind the Shot»

Today we induct another photo into the Champions Gallery. It might be a bit of a butt shot, and yeah, you can’t totally see where he’s landing, but after four weeks, include a couple blow out victories, Jesse Rourke has made it! So as usual, we caught up to find out more about the shot. […]

05/04/10 » 5 Comments
Story of a Firing Squad Champ: Jeff Hehlen»

We have yet another black and white inductee to the Champions Gallery. Either black and white photos really better or are you guys just totally emo? Either way, Jeff Hehlen is the latest photographer to enter the champ’s circle. Hearty congrats are in order as his photo took down some worthy opponents. We caught up […]

03/23/10 » 1 Comment
Firing Squad- THE WINNERS»

The best of the best of the YoBeat Photo Battle.

10/27/08 » 50 Comments