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Old Gold: Todd Richards’ Greatest Hits»

This summer thing is getting old. Don’t worry, Todd will cheer you up.

08/05/11 » 1 Comment
Old Gold: Trend Report – Pockets»

The most functional trend ever.

03/10/11 » 2 Comments
Old Gold: Pre-emptive Strike Apology Letter»

Admit it, you’re still a drunk.

02/17/11 » 4 Comments
Old Gold: Snowboarding is Fun»

If it’s not fun, why do it?

01/10/11 » 11 Comments
Old Gold: Hints and Tips for Retards»

The Evils of the Tindy Grab

12/08/10 » 61 Comments
Old Gold: 90′s Jeremy Jones Interview»

Talk about a time capsule…

11/09/10 » 5 Comments
A Letter from a “Real” Extreme Journalist»

The greatest letter YoBeat has ever received

09/22/10 » 23 Comments
Old Gold: The Levels of Pro Snowboarding»

Fun with typecasting!

07/29/10 » 14 Comments
The Art of Sticker Placement»

Arguably the best thing I’ve ever written

06/22/10 » 7 Comments
Old Gold: How to Have a Snowboard House»

Somethings never change

05/28/10 » 5 Comments
Shoppers Strike Back»

Top 10 Ways to Infuriate a Pretentious Record Clerk

05/12/10 » 1 Comment
The First Time»

YoBeat’s O.G. Awesome department’s only post, ever

04/04/10 » 2 Comments
The History of Snowboard Zines»

YoBeat’s most researched story, ever

03/22/10 » 5 Comments

The Stuff You May Have Missed

12/06/08 » 4 Comments
Austin Sweetin Interview»

The Next Best Thing from the Northwest Austin Sweetin is a happy-go-lucky kid from Washington, but put him on a snowboard or in front of Guitar Hero and he becomes a monster straight from the depths of Hell. I’ve known Austin for two years now and he has only gotten better at riding a stick […]

11/20/08 » No Comments