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what board(s) do you ride

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    Burton Hero 149 for park, not my favourite though, i think i would prefer a board with camber instead of rocker for park tho (also have lib tech trice but i havent ridden it yet



    I bought an ultrafear last season (second hand) which I loved riding in the park. One of the most playful boards I’ve ever ridden (it helped that it was a 151 for my 6′ tall ass) and literally after the first day on it I had tricks i previously couldn’t get, just dialed in. I’m sad to say that the ultra took a shit yesterday on a gap to tap the end of rail. I caught the end of the rail too heavy and right in a spot where the edge was already cracked up and well…

    got me an Artec on the way. nima’s pro model from a couple years ago. it was cheap and I’ve never ridden an artec before. Also it had similar specs to the ultra. anyone have any experience with em?


    I have an Artec Cipher Rocker from 2010, bought new in shrink wrap in 2012 for like $180. I wanted to sip the reverse camber koolaid without spending a ton of money.
    Its pretty sick. I love the shape and its very light, but it really doesn’t ollie for shit which is kind of a bummer. because I’m old, fat, and can’t ollie very high to begin with.



    I posted this before the forums died, but I’m on this season’s Endeavor Live RC in a 53. I back reverse camber after riding this board, learned so much shit on it this year and it’s just a lot more fun than a camber board. I don’t find it too loose either. It has tons of pop since Endeavor actually puts carbon in their boards unlike a lot of other companies these days.

    I snapped it though and right now I’m riding a 2010 rome artifact in a 53. It’s the year they had super bright colours and the 53 is bright pink. Good news is that I emailed Endeavor and they’re sending me a brand new one, all I had to do was ship my snapped one back. Max Jenke replied to my email, he runs customer service which is pretty frickin tight.



    bataleon airobic 149 union force blood splatter with nike vapens



    signal park series are great for park.  a little too soft for me though.



    Smokin Snowboards are where its at…2012 Superpark, awesome board, magna traction, camber shit, medium flex, but the coolest part….if you snowboard with someone has a ride, and you put the boards together, it says Smokin’ Ride…or if they have a Burton Blunt…Smokin’ Blunt….the posibilities are endless…smokin stepchild, smokin jerk, the list just goes on and on….neato huh



    Still riding the 2005 Burton Cruzer…. Directional. Life sucks :(



    Life sucks

    Better than not riding at all?


    signal park 152. tons of fun to ride and rip on

Viewing 10 posts - 181 through 190 (of 190 total)

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