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What pisses you off while snowboarding

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    yobeat kid

    chulksmack360 said:

    yobeat kid said:

    SHREDead said:

    We see a lot of one type of ethnicity at our hills for some reason. Let's just say they snowboard like they drive.

    Wow that's not racist at all! Great work.

    show me one asian who can ride and i will show you 10 more wearing patagonia jackets and work boots wrecking themselves on the rope tow

    What does race even matter in regards to snowboarding? 



    What pisses me off snowboarding are the kids with medium jackets, xs holden pants and tall tees.
    You look like you’re wearing a dress. Especially when it is a frozen skirt hanging out your jacket. You film on the best days on the mountain with a go pro or the city because it finally snowed so you can hit the same rail every other pro has. Please stay in the streets and off the hill. A banshee bungee is all you need. Powder Sucks. Flats where its at and Mountains are for hippies.



    people who make the lift stop



    and GAPERS!!!



    The race team at my local hill, they will go through the park in packs of 30 or more all at once. And they don’t even fucking hit a single feature. They just get in everyone’s way and cut people of.



    Joeys who end up in yard sales on a kicker.



    asian tourist



    Racists that think I can’t board. I hate people who claim they are good, and I goo boarding with them, and all they do is cut you off. This one time this kid cut off Lucas Magoon and got shit on.



    Things I hate are

    -kids that can only do front flips and no other tricks

    -kids that ride over the lip of the jumps

    -people that talk about doing a trick for an hour before finally doing it



    kids throwing shit/ talking shit from the lift gets me every time. and if your going to slam in to me when your out of control at least act like your sorry



    gapers fucking ruining the park.  oh and kooks.

Viewing 11 posts - 241 through 251 (of 251 total)

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