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Go Seek in Minnesota

By • Jan 20th, 2012 • Category: Features, Videos

Some forgotten hits from 2011

Elm Creek/Spirit Mountain Openers

By • Dec 13th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

The Midwest opening day videos you’ve been waiting for.

The Convoy: Cody Beiersdorf FULL PART

By • Nov 7th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

These Minnesota dudes are alright!

DAMAGE’s Exclusive Viktor Simco Interview!

By • Sep 12th, 2011 • Category: News

Our pals at Damage in Duluth caught up with Viktor Simco for a super exclusive, groundbreaking interview full of such pressing questions as: D: Alright – Jenna Jameson, Yoda, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine… You gotta fuck one, marry one, and kill one. Go. V: I’d probably let Yoda give me a BJ, Hugh Jackman… […]

Time Travel Full Movie

By • Sep 6th, 2011 • Category: Features, Latest, Videos

Make Friends drops its latest flick and yeah, you’re gonna wanna watch this one!

People’s Court: Justin Theroux vs Matt Chase

By • Sep 1st, 2011 • Category: Features, Latest, People's Court, Videos

Watch! Vote! Talk Shit! It’s a new video battle!

SNICHE Full Movie

By • Jun 17th, 2011 • Category: Features, Full Movies, Videos

The Wizards of Minnesota present…

Hump Day Digs Justin Fronius

By • Jun 15th, 2011 • Category: Features, Hump Day Interviews, Latest

Interview conducted at the Ark immediately following Session 1

Youknowmyfunction Teaser

By • May 8th, 2011 • Category: Features, Just Teasers, Videos

Minnesota knows how to party (and snowboard).

Minnesota Minors Teaser

By • May 4th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

No-name rail hammers

BLS Park Edit

By • Mar 12th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

Looks like the stupid looking bitches might be blowing up. This edit managed to find its way to the Ashbury blog before they even sent it to us (of course, they fucked up the crew name.) Hopefully, they’ll still remember the little people when they’re super snowboard famous. Park stunts performed at Wild mountain, Hyland, […]

WFTC Minesota B Footy

By • Feb 6th, 2011 • Category: Features, Videos

Saved from a dead harddrive at long last. Riders: Cole Linzmeyer, Jordan Daniels, Colin Ofloy, Kent Leng, Connor Southard, Brett Spur, Scott Rutherford Edit: John Cywinski

The House of 1817 Movie

By • Oct 31st, 2010 • Category: Full Movies, Latest, Videos

No sponsors, No budget, No bullshit. Just Friends Snowboarding. Complete with busted bro-cams, HD hammers, your favorite pros, and people you’ve never heard of and don’t care about. This is our movie. Oh yeah, and check out the pictures from the premiere while you’re at it.

House of 1817 World Premiere!

By • Oct 18th, 2010 • Category: News

Clear your schedules! On Friday Oct. 29th at the Suburban World Theater at 7:30 PM, the House of 1817 Movie is premiering! FOR Free! There will also be a costume contest and anyone who shows up in costume will receive a free copy of the DVD. The premiere will be the only place you can […]

Meet: House of 1817

By • Jul 5th, 2010 • Category: Features, Latest, Meet

Minnesota has been pumping out snowboard super stars for years, so it’s no surprise that House of 1817′s weekly edits were full of hammers. Monday Minute was arguably the best video series of last season, so when the 1817 Movie was announced, you damn well should have been excited. Riley Erickson was kind enough to […]