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A Casting Call for Snowboarders

By • Dec 5th, 2013 • Category: News

Get in Motion.

McMorris and McMorris Coming to MTV

By • Jul 17th, 2013 • Category: News

Yay Reality TV!

Gingervitus: The Amazing Race

By • Nov 4th, 2011 • Category: Features, Latest

Andy Finch and Tommy Czeschin are on a race around the world!

The REAL Ali G. Show

By • Mar 14th, 2011 • Category: News, Videos

For those of you too young to remember Ali Goulet, he invented the misty flip. He’s from Vermont. He was awesome in the 90s. And now, like any former pro with a GoPro should, he’s started his own web series. It’s bound to blow up, since he tagged the video with key words such as […]

MADE in Milwaukee

By • Feb 11th, 2010 • Category: Features, Latest, Random

Where the shred gets MADE Want to become a great snowboarder, win contests and impress your friends? It’s doable, but I don’t suggest calling in a “nationally known reality show” to turn you into a champ. However it seems that some girl, we are going to call Ashley B1, did just that to get her […]

Oh MTV Canada

By • Oct 27th, 2009 • Category: News

Sometimes we wish we were Canadian. Those lucky bastards with their universal health care and cute accents. But then someone pointed “Peak Season” out to us.

Kumara Kelley’s Redemption Hump Day

By • Oct 7th, 2009 • Category: Features, Hump Day Interviews

You gotta go big to freeze frame like this. photo: Amy Galbraith Kumara Kelley is a bright-eyed early-to-bed early-to-rise lover of all things snowboarding, but it hasn’t always been this way. Once upon a time Ms. Kelley was a hard partying youngster circling the great snowboarding toilet. After a failed reality show, and a really rough […]

Louie Froto Can Bust a Move

By • Sep 22nd, 2009 • Category: Features, Random

Louie lookin’ tough for the ABC cameras. “Known for his double cork front ten” was Louie’s introduction to the masses watching last night’s Dancing with the Stars. I didn’t even know he had a double cork super spin, but apparently ABC is on top of their game. This game/reality crapshoot of a show is built […]