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Red Bull to Spend Enormous Amount of Money on new Travis Rice Movie

By • Mar 5th, 2014 • Category: News

The most epic epic ever?

Real Snow Backcountry: The Lipton Picks

By • Jul 16th, 2013 • Category: Features, Latest, Videos

Cause making up your own mind is hard.

Red Bull Names Travis Rice Top Snowboarder in the World

By • Jun 28th, 2013 • Category: News

Unbiased journalism.

Barack Obama Interviews Travis Rice

By • May 2nd, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Latest, Random


Travis Rice Rider Spotlight

By • Jan 4th, 2013 • Category: Featured, News, Videos

Travis Rice is better than you.

Travis Rice Attempts to Make People Care About America’s Cup

By • Oct 17th, 2012 • Category: News

Catamaran races are neat!

As Seen on TV: Redbull Supernatural

By • May 15th, 2012 • Category: News, Videos

If your DVR malfunctioned, you don’t have TV or you somehow managed to completely forget about Supernatural when the finally showed the whole thing on TV, you’re in luck. The whole damn show is on Youtube and you didn’t miss your chance to watch it after all. And now that it’s online, maybe A-Man will […]

Travis Rice’s Winning Run at Supernatural

By • Apr 30th, 2012 • Category: News

If you’ve been dying to see the view from Travis Rice’s helmet as he won his own contest, your wait is FINALLY over. Prepare for a heart pumping adrenaline ride down the side of Baldface! We swear it only looks sort of like every other one of these videos Contour has been releasing.

Another Supernatural Teaser

By • Feb 15th, 2012 • Category: News, Videos

Since the official Supernatural show isn’t airing until March 31st, it’s gonna take a lot of teasers to keep people interested/aware the event actually happened until then. Here’s the latest one to drop, which is not nearly epic as A man’s now deleted version.

Travis Rice’s Deal with the Devil

By • Feb 6th, 2012 • Category: Features, Latest, Random

Serious journalism.

Travis Rice Joins Union

By • Jan 26th, 2012 • Category: News

Helicopter rides and 100-foot corkage require serious performance, so Travis Rice is super hyped to be riding some damn strong bindings from here on out. We’d congratulate TRice on the new sponsor, but that seems cliche, so instead we’re going to go ahead and congratulate George for making it happen. Good work George! Seattle, WA […]

Travis Rice’s Supernatural is Coming

By • Jan 12th, 2012 • Category: News

Red Bull just dropped the official teaser for Travis Rice’s super contest Supernatural, which they’re claiming is the “future of snowboarding competitions.” In the video you’ll see some of the preparations, which include hacking down trees, which seems very anti-future, if you ask us, but what do we know.

Under Review: The Art of Flight

By • Dec 9th, 2011 • Category: Features, Latest, Reviews

Best helicopter movie ever!

Travis Rice Joins Team CoCo

By • Nov 9th, 2011 • Category: News

For once, a snowboarder who is not Shaun White gets some late night action. Well wait, lots of ‘boarders get action late at night (we assume) but this time it was Travis Rice on Conan.

Travis Rice Got Milk Ad

By • Aug 29th, 2011 • Category: News

We spotted this Travis Rice TV spot for the Got Milk campaign over on Spatziba, where they posted their thoughts on the energized corn syrup revolution. The reality is, at Yobeat, we pretty much just drink coffee and beer, but we do appreciate a good snowboard video when we see it. And heck, we appreciate […]