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Hump Day Partyboats with Alexa McCarty

By • Feb 19th, 2014 • Category: Features, Hump Day Interviews, Latest

America’s next top JIb Gurl

Burton Presents: Women

By • Oct 11th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

Badass boarding bitches

Kelly Clark Nominated for Sports Woman of the Year

By • Aug 13th, 2013 • Category: News


A Family Style Hump Day with Mary Rand

By • Apr 3rd, 2013 • Category: Features, Hump Day Interviews, Latest

Rhode Island, represent.

Shooting Star 2103 Winners!

By • Mar 5th, 2013 • Category: Featured, Features, Latest, Videos, Win

It’s official.

Leanne Pelosi FULL PART

By • Nov 30th, 2012 • Category: Featured, Features, Videos

If you don’t love Leanne well….

Hump Day with Leanne “Poopalotskis” Pelosi

By • Jul 13th, 2011 • Category: Features, Hump Day Interviews, Latest

Pooping, filming and keeping the dream alive…

Introducing the 2011 Roxy Shooting Star

By • Apr 5th, 2011 • Category: Features, Latest, Random

Over the past weeks, we were continually impressed as the entries for our inaugural Roxy Shooting Star video contest came in. The level of riding was pushed with every video. Within the first few days, we saw Michelle Zellar’s solid spins and flips, and crowned our first winner, though it was a tough decision with […]

Roxy Shooting Star Week 4 Winner: Corinne Pasela

By • Mar 25th, 2011 • Category: Features, Latest

We’re nearing the end of the competition, and soon we’ll be crowning the first Roxy Shooting Star, but now, our final weekly winner. Introducing Corinna Pasela, a 19-year-old shredder from Middleburg Hts, OH. We do not use the term “shredder” lightly and it was by no means an easy decision. We had another week of […]

Roxy Shooting Star Week 3 Winner: Alice Gorton

By • Mar 18th, 2011 • Category: Features, Latest, Videos

It was another week of fierce competition in the race to be the Roxy Shooting Star, but with proper tricks and smooth style, Alice Gorton of Richmond BC’s is this week’s Roxy outerwear winner and is in the running for a Roxy snowboard set up and $1000 cash. Our judges did not have an easy […]

Roxy Refreshment: Bariloche

By • Mar 16th, 2011 • Category: News, Videos

Argentine pow looks mighty nice, if I was eligible (or any good) I would be out there stacking my clips to try and impress Roxy in our Shooting Star contest. Not that it’s a guarantee, but seems like it might be a good step in the process of getting yourself on a trip like this… […]

Shoot Your Way to Snowboard Stardom with Roxy

By • Feb 22nd, 2011 • Category: Features, Latest, Random

Hey Ladies! Think you’ve got what it takes to be the next snowboard video superstar? Here’s your chance to prove it. Over the next five weeks, Roxy and YoBeat are giving away tons of prizes to girls who send us their best moves on video. The first 25 entries will receive a free beanie and […]

Megan Fox Shreds!

By • Feb 17th, 2011 • Category: News

Even if you claim not to like or care about women’s snowboarding, you’ll probably be interested in these hot pics of Megan Fox snowboarding. Yes, the Megan Fox. Judging by the image above, she kills it! Ok actually, Pop Mag has the scoop and a bunch more pictures of her standing around with a snowboard, […]

Kimmy Fasani’s Double Backy

By • Jan 25th, 2011 • Category: News

So we just got a press release about Kimmy Fasani landing the first double backflip ever by a girl. Now, historically, DC isn’t always so diligent about its research, so whether she’s actually the first female to pull it, well, that’s something for X Games researchers to pretend to care about. But we did get […]

Peep Show Goes to Camp of Champions

By • Aug 29th, 2010 • Category: Features, Videos

A digital elph and some lovely ladies. What more could you want? (Don’t answer that.)